Berlinspired – in other words why Berlin is f***ing cool.

Anal Bandal – Random art at Skalizter strasse
NO PHOTOS PLEASE Katerblau phone sticker for all phones entering the venue

Having left Berlin I left with  the luggage of great experience and new old school records.

It was almost a month of  an awesome stay.  I arrived here because of Berlinale movie festival and Cinema For Peace that booked me to play at their  official afterparty in Bargain kantine.

I didn´t plan to stay so long but I  was having a lot of fun and I made sure to have my days busy. Thanks to my friend Nick I got an opportunity to play at another best place in Berlin – Katerblau.  Katerblau at Kiosk room  was the best gig I´ve had so far (I´ve been a DJ  since a year). I played in few good places but never had such great response from crowd, there was  simply so much vibe and the place is just wicked. I didn´t take any pictures nor videos, as it is forbidden and I obeyed their policy.

During my stay I´ve met a lot of artists and DJs  who helped me realised how hard one must work to go on the top.  In Berlin, almost everybody is an artist, there is a lot of competition and a lot of talents. The low costs of living let the youth do what they really want as one can get a room for as little as €200 a month in a cool area, or €400 for a studio. Plus the food is super cheap and it´s a heaven for vegans. Berlin is super hipster and being vegan is in fashion ( it´s a great fashion that help saves lives and mother nature). I would get my favourite falafel meal or vegan curry with tofu for as little as €3,50 – FUCK YEAH!

If you broke you don´t even need money to commute as there is no barriers while getting in to the tube (but watch out for the ticket controllers waiting to catch dishonest citizens) 

Cheap costs of living is definitely an advance of the city but if somebody is in their bad  moment of life no need to earn much money can get them lost. I´ve seen talented folks being really lazy and letting themselves to have a lot of short term pleasure that leads to no progress. On the other hand somebody must be lazy for some other to become hard working. If everybody was ambitious it would be too much.

Not to forget mentioning  that the city is full of street art – the walls of an ex nazi country is filled with expressions of freedom and peace. It is amazing to see how the Berlin has evolved after the IIWW. One can see the riot against the system and  the government. There was no city where I felt so free like in Berlin, not even in Ibiza I feel like that. Despite cameras in the underground I was able to vandalise few places and literally nobody gave a fuck when together with my Japanese partner we´re painting the walls.

The other day somebody asked me if weed is legal is Berlin, which in fact is not, but you can legally smoke ganja in clubs and you can easily smoke it on the streets. Easy access to smoke makes and low levels of stress make Berliners super chill and  very easy going.

Berlin is also full of freaks – I love these drunkyards and junkies entering the tube and making a theatre for everybody.Junkies and drunkyards are  a part of town. In fact people like this are in every big city, but I never seen so many in one place. I love to see them talk to some invisible person or engage is some other activity that gathers attention. 

Alexanderplatz#2 Stop Wars
Alexanderplatz#5 Honesty makes the man genuine
Alexanderplatz#6 The honest genuine man


Kottsbuser Tor#1

Kottsbuser Tor#2 Five min later somebody taking picture of our joke art. The one on the left was so ugly that I didn´t want to take a picture (it was an ugly flying dick next to BE HAPPY and MAKE SEX, normally I can paint better ones) but these girls obviously liked it.
Kottsbuser Tor#3
Kottsbuser Tor#4
Kottsbuser Tor#5
Kottsbuer Tor#6 Some random dude sitting on the metro sign and talking to an invisible person.
Kottsbuser Tor#7 Ayane slurping on Pho at our favourite Asia Imbis at Kottsbusser Tor
Kottsbuser Tor#8 No smoking allowed
Old roses by Lucas and Ania
Ricardo´s and Filip´s studio
The Weekend club where the proper art-thefuckup is coming up soon…

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