Vegan / raw vegan update

It´s been almost 3 years when I first became raw vegan / fruitarian and I have never felt any better- I am vibrant and full of energy, my skin is awesome and my body is just amazing without much effort ( I run 30 min a day 4x week + 15 min of abs =45 min a day of daily exercise). I started this diet due to problems with my skin that the medical approach could´t cure for more than 10 years (I tried everything and spent shitloads of money and time)

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When I first started the green lifestyle my skin got just worse! Some of my friends who are not into detox and do not understand its purpose to clean and rejuvenate advised me to stop it because there were moments that I was breaking out really badly. Instead of getting my skin clean I was just getting more acne, which was very frustrating. I knew this is the process of healing and I just need to go through it. Until about 1 year after the start my skin started to slowly clear up and with the passage of time it started to get just better. Now, I am on my 3rd year, my skin has never been better in my life, and it´s just the third year!

It took me time to learn my balance between cooked food, raw, junk food and parties. I do eat chocolate, chips and other vegan junk that is available whenever I feel like it. I do not restrict myself. As well, in general I avoid gluten, but once in a while, I can have a bite of something that contains it.

Juicing plays a big role in my diet – I almost always start my day with a juice for breakfast. Here super easy green juice : spinach, apples, ginger, lemon/lime, turmeric

Also I am not strictly vegan, because once in a while it happens that I´ll have a bite of a milk chocolate or  have a bite on a product cream for a very rare occasions. However, personally I do not buy any animal products and I do not cook with them and I am strictly vegetarian.

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