Fabric closure, the tweak of Dj Sneak and the reason why he doesn´t care.

Fabric, the legendary underground  club in London, has been recently shut down due to the death of the two 18 years old youth who overdosed on drugs.  It´s such a pity because Fabric is just an amazing and I´d say historical place where lots of epic parties had happened.



Because  almost everybody who loves house and techno music loves Fabric,  everybody has been sharing and posting pictures encouraging to sign a petition to get Fabric back. I say almost  everybody because, one of the big names in the house music industry decided to hold back. DJ sneak posted a photo showing disregard saying #IDON´TCARE that provoked an explosion of  nasty feedback towards him.  Apparently his statement pissed of many people in the industry so that he has been banned from playing in many places including Sankeys, his last residency in Ibiza.  I heard some gossips that he has recently fallen out with many DJs and places due to his attitude. However to me he seemed like a very nice guy.




But was the reasons why DJ Sneak made such a  silly testimony online?

Even if he really doesn´t care, why instead of staying silent post it online when a lot people care?

I know the answer….. and it may sound ridiculous but I think it´s because he eats too much meat  (LOL but yes it´s true) and that affects his personality and mental state so he became ignorant to many things including the mother nature, himself and  the house music. I deeply believe in the wisdom of Einstein and Nikola Tesla (yes, these great minds were vegeterians) who explained the power of the energy, I bet  Carlos (aka DJ Sneak) is having steak everyday if not in his every meal. He eats all the cruelty, bullshit and feelings of the animals who died in  slaughter. It is scientifically proved that people who eat a lot of meat have their testosterone level enlarged.

You have to check out this shocking article  which explains what happened to the recidivist prisoners who took part of an experiment and decided to go vegan  and how it affected their life and helped diminish by 97%(!!) the number of recidivism.




COMING BACK to GETTING FABRIC BACK to help please sign the petition below :





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