Mykonos VS Ibiza : the raw truth – partywise, sexwise, peoplevise, musicwise, vibewise, artwise.


Within the circle of my friends a lot of people tend to talk about what is better : Ibiza or another party island which recently became popular, the little cute Greek island called  Mykonos.
Everybody’s experience is different and my opinion is subjective. I had a lot of fun and I loved Mykonos. I cannot say which one is better because I love both Ibiza and Mykonos. I was extremely well welcomed and taken care of by my friend Nikos who booked me to play at one if his parties called “Come and save me”.   When I arrived to Mykonos, everybody was super friendly and I immediately felt like at home. When I arrived to Ibiza, I arrived alone and it took me a lot of time to get into and figure out the Ibiza inner circle where some people are honestly nice and some are attracted to you if you’re trendy, cool and popular enough, which is something I don’t  really find as cool. (this could be true anywhere, yet in Ibiza there’s more people like that than in Mykonos).

LOOK. Mykonos as in nature and the look looks very raw to me. There’s stone fence every that looks like taken from ancient Romans everywhere. Mykonos is very dry, so the grass and earth is not very colourful. Mykonos city is very white and all the houses are built in the same manner. The streets are very narrow, I found it very cute, similar to the Ibiza old town.  Its interesting that people drive here with no helmets when using motorbikes.

FOOD. The food is very good however, it is a pain in the ass for vegans. There is not even one vegetarian/vegan restaurant around and the vegan options in some places are almost none.  Also most of the restaurants are Greek or Italian, there’s not a big choice of other cuisine.

SEXWISE.  I don’t know if that’s the effect of having so much watermelon during my summer or is that an effect of Mykonos island but I have been having really high libido since I got to Mykonos.  For me Mykonos was a way easier to get laid because I was tourist there, while in Ibiza I am local and I don’t wanna be seen fucking around. I’ve noticed that in Ibiza while wandering around Ibiza town, one can notice a mixture of all ages; in Mykonos I’d say, there’s a lot of young people. I think in Ibiza there’s more hot guys than in Mykonos, but that’s obvious as Ibiza is more of a city than Mykonos. However I saw lots of pretty girls, mostly youth.

ART. There’s not so much art around and almost no street art at all.  What more can I  say.

VIBE, PARTIES. In Mykonos most of the places play EDM.  Few places play good house  and book good DJs and that makes those few places very special. All the people who are into the underground house music land up in the same place because there’s no other choice. Meanwhile in Ibiza, there’s great line up everyday in many different places and you can easily get lost and confused in choosing your venue for the night. Same for the vibe, smaller places are always easier to get along but bigger places offer you pure party madness when dj drops amazing shit and the crowd start to get loud with a vocal and sound feedback.


In the next post I am gonna upload photo story from my trip, for the moment I have no computer to load them from my camera.

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