01.07.2016 YOUr weekly pop YOU up photo relation.

Just like that pop you up.

It was a pleasure to play and hang out at Blue Marlin ❤

Of course I didn´t take any pictures of myself but you can check out some of my artwork and some of my nice faces who came to the party.

Being super positive about life and living, if  my situation temporally sucks, it sucks for a reason.

Last week I broke my phone and it´s been at the service for over a week. At first, it felt like a  proper disaster and I wasn´t very content  but then after some time I experienced the complete freedom and  the creative shit explosion.

Without any external distraction I am able to focus even more on  the internal myself. I am honestly enjoying  the solitude and marching towards my goals. I always get invited to some places by many people and most of the time I refuse because I´d rather stay at home and devote my time to something that brings me a long term satisfaction, rather than going to a venue for a moment.

Eventually I started to use my professional camera which I hardly use for photos other than properly organised shoots and obviously the quality is better than iphone. I should do that more often – not to mention about the videos… 🙂


CelineSlosse-09144 copy



CelineSlosse-09155 copy



CelineSlosse-09134 copy






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