Happy Birthday to my boobies.

There are so many words I wish to express but so little time to do so.

My boobies started to grow when I was 16, so officially my boobs are 11 years old.


I never really celebrated birthday because I don´t really like organising things and being  the host of other people. I just wanna party and celebrate.

This year, it happened that in the very nice place called “the Underground” in Ibiza, there is a  regular Wednesday party with a great line up and free vegan buffet. I am extremely grateful to the organisers for making such step as implementing vegan food at the venue.  A lot of carnivores are so deeply rooted to their believes and habits taught at home that they think vegan food have no taste and they won´t even try it.

The other day I left some of vegan gnocci in creamy mushroom sauce to my friend who eats only meat and he finished the whole portion, asking me for more and being surprised how tasty it was.

I thought that the Wednesday Party at the underground is perfect for organising a birthday! No hassle, no money or energy involved into organising it. Thank you Universe and Thank you Underground Ibiza for such thing!






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