popYOU.up weekly update 

As every Friday, last Friday I was doing a little art-thefuckup at the popYOU.up party in Blue Marlin.

I failed to bring canvases for painting I wanted us to play with but had POSTIT yellow notes one me instead. I asked some creatives to join me paint and scatter it around the venue.  We put it here and there. The idea of notes meant to have no sense but have a sense at the same time.  It was a nice challenge trying to create as many notes as possible in the short time but I think we managed quite well.

I wish more people would paricipate and help me express some positive feelings around Blue Marlin. It would be so much fun to have these stickers all way around.

Greeko in HarmonyLab hat
help the bees to save the trees
Kim Kardashian kissed my ass

as my friend Elliot would say it´s  ¨this situation¨
Enter a caption
Girls just wanna have fun


Veronika Fleyta smashing it
Let´s love each other like a sister and brother


Besides I really liked the DJ sets of the party 🎶

I am loving these moments when I come to a party and there is dj I never heard before that really surprises me and make say WOW. 💥🙃


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