Facebook ban.

So it happened that somebody has reported my Facebook of containing vulgar photos and content due to my last post. I’ve been banned for 3 days. I guess not everybody likes to be open about certain things and subjects and honesty of other people pisses them off.

I feel sorry for those people because there is nothing more natural to the body like sexuality and some people have fear to express it. I feel sorry for those locked up in the system and those from the society of fear. I fuck the fear up and let myself to be open.

I can be banned from Facebook but can never be banned for saying whatever  I want.

On the other hand when the ban happens it means that there is an interest. Statistic don’t lie – we are all perverts.

If I write about art, parties or upload some random pictures, yes I have some views but when I write about anything linked to sexuality suddenly everybody wants to read it.

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