In Love With London – deephouse mix




Time passes by, minutes passthrough.

I  recorded a new set with lots of vocals made specially for  playing at bars/restaurants. It´s not the music I´d choose if I was to play just for myself, it´s slightly off my style but I still enjoyed recording it and I think that´s the point 🙂

I did such set because I´ve heard some west end posh restaurants pay really really good, much better than some clubs and I am really tempted to get that money, because with that money I can invest in myself and make sure in the future I won´t need to play in such places 🙂

Since about 3 months, I made a step forward and started to mix by my  ear only, without using the computer.  It makes me very motivated because with only a little experience, to sound how I want to sound, I know  I still have a lot to work on.

Knowing that recording the same set using the computer I would have made it twice as better is very frustrating but that´s how it is.

It´s all about repetition and practice.

Even though it isn´t perfect, whatever, it´s mixed by me, not by a device 🙂

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