Pray&play. The religion of dj mix, no jokes allowed.



Artist means attention seeker who expresses the attention.

Everybody is different and everybody has something different to express and for me that is what makes us beautiful.

Otherwise the world would be boring.



There are some things that some express and some like it while some others not.

It´s normal.

We simply cannot please everybody because we are very diverse beings. However, it is in the matter of uniting with the self  within us, human beings, as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, to respect one another and respect our artwork even if we don´t understand it sometimes or if we don´t like it.

Personally, yet in a nice funny manner,  I was told by few people very close to me that my art is horrible and that I should focus on something else. I didn’t take that personally because I understand my art is very simple and not everybody likes that.


I have been hanging out with a few artists of different backgrounds and craft and I´ve seen a tendecy within some to judge others and look down on others in a bad way, just because they are not so confident about themselves.

no jokes,just lines

Even if somebody´s isn´t  that great, or have a different taste than us, it doesn´t mean they are bad. It means they are different to you.

If somebody is technically fucking up it´s probably about the lack of experience and the lack of practice (or maybe he´s  stressed or under influence of some substance) .   In life if we want to achieve certain goals we need to repeat and repeat and repeat, because it´s all about repetition and learning from ups and downs.



Also a lot of DJs treat music like a fucking religion  and they are so serious about it that it´s just funny to me..   People kill for religion and that´s very stupid, just like bitching about somebody´s music taste.






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