A little late party weekend update during Easter


For some of us Easter time is the time of  the family gathering, for some others it is  just  another a day like every other, while for the party people part  it´s another reason to party.

During this time I was invited to a few parties but I honestly didn´t feel like going to all of them as I am really focused on catching my dreams and that takes more than a party.



I quite regret missing Richy´s Ahmed  4firtytwo party which I heard that was great, but I didn´t make it on time as I  had heard gossips they were supposed to shut the doors at 12. Once I realised I was too late, even though I was fully ready to leave I took off my clothes and simply went to sleep.

I really like the concept of the 4firtytwo, as it´s the  frequency of the music that unites us with the universe. In fact ALL music should be recorded with 432hz (unfortunately it is not, but we can change that). Fortunately, house music  has that frequency and that explains why after a long night of great house party, despite having danced all night we feel vibrant and full of happiness. These frequencies are invisible but they have visible effect on us. Same like the bad frequencies, 440hz that are recorded by the most famous artist like Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga etc signed with the evil labels who are run by evil people in this world. 440hz ( found out by the Natzi)  literally closes us in the certain consciousness  and it causes NO cosmic movement, so that we think less abstractive and we become easier to be manipulated.


432 vs 440$

The sad truth nobody wants to hear about or would think you´re crazy if you´d  tell them. So imagine all of these radio stations and TV constantly fucking up your brain without you having no clue about it.  BUT… we are waking up and we can fight these people with  love and simply feeling sorry for them to be so cruel because karma doesn´t judge, it´s gonna eat them in this or in their next life. AMEN.

If you feel like investigating more about 440 and 432 I invite you to google it as it is very interesting.

Coming back to the parties.



A party I went to on Friday was the Music On with Marco Carola and Neverdogs at Brixton Academy. I have to say I loved the venue, really cool, I liked the vibe because Music On parties is always fun, but I honestly was off any drugs and sadly I didn´t make it to the VIP. I didn´t see any of my buddies on the dancefloor because everybody was either backstage or by the tables while I came there with two friends, two  really cool guys that don´t know anybody from the crew and honestly speaking, it is impossible to get bracelets for two guys that are not anyhow related to anyone.I didn´t want to leave them as we came together as a group so I simply left. I love being on the dancfloor when I see some cool people around but honestly the crowd was just cheesy. Also for Music On, one needs drugs because the technical sound  of 128 bmp just doesn´t go in pair with being sober and I was completely sober. However, my other friends who went there had a lot of fun, for everybody the experience is different.


TOP VENUE DISCOVERY of this year in London

Another venue I went to on Saturday and I was actually really surprised about how cool this place is, is KINGSHEAD.Actually if you haven´t been there you gonna love it. So far it´s my top new discovery.  It´s just wicked. I seriously loved the vibe, it felt like a house party rather than like a club. It has three floors, many different rooms with wicked design and art scattered around. Two DJ booths with different music, one on the ground and one in the basement where my Friend Tomoya who invited me, was playing. I instantly became friends with many people and even though it was not that full I had a lot of fun.

Everybody felt equal, people nicely dressed, no junkie, no cheesy stuff – just great!

Also at Kinsghead there was no search, the security and bar tenders were really relaxed and I could easily smoke weed outside. That says a lot to me 🙂

I am  definitely gonna be coming there!

Oh yeah, Halleluyah



friends at Kings Head
Kings Head
Kings Head
Kings Head


Kings Head


Yes to 432





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