Feeling right when you’re wrong .

When you loose your ego, your life becomes like a constant paraside. Whatever steps you take your life is always good because you simply accept whatever happens and even if you fail you don’t see it as a failure but as a lesson.

Making mistakes and committing faux pa happens to all of us. We learn new behaviours we haven’t been taught at home. We constantly learn and absorb the behaviours of others that we subconsciously or consciously find appropriate and we reproduce them in situations.

I recently fucked up few things and made few faux pa relation mistakes, but it is totally fine. I fucked it up, cannot change it. However I can work on building up a good reputation by brining up the good things.

Every time I get the feeling of frustration I get super motivated to do more and work more. Sometimes I ponder how little do I know now and how much more is yet to learn .


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