Back to basics. How I´ve killed the Tigress.

Processed with VSCOcam with n2 preset

After a little thought, I´ve decided to change my artist name once again. Coming back to the roots, now I am  headlined  as simply  as Marcelina.

Even though I really liked the Tigress idea at the beginning, I recently started to think that it sounds a bit cheesy and at the same time it wasn´t very consistent with what I was trying to express. Nobody ever called me Tigress because I always introduced myself as Marcelina.

At the same time I´ve decided to change the address of the blog to so it that with its name it fully represents how I feel and what I aim to show.

Art the fuck up started as a form of an idea of spreading consciousness through meaningful art. That´s the way I like it – I like to shock people and make them think. At the same time, art the fuck up  is name for the  game I play with the party kids every time I go party and I take my markers with me. I ask everybody to paint together with me, one after another so that we TOGETHER create some *whatever party bullshit* painting . To my big delight, almost everybody likes to paint and I  already have doodles from Ibiza, Poland and London. I´ve got also one canvas that includes doodles by Jamies Jones.




Stickers – just ask if you want one 🙂


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