Fuck or not to fuck? that is the question




Sometimes I ponder really really deeply,

Fuck or not to fuck,

Even really quickly?


As much as I love sex and I wish to have it, I wish to meet the guys that  would truly appreciate it and I would have true connection with.

I really love having fun  but from my experience and the nature I know that men are hunters and they don’t like easy trophies. So there is a little issue of whether shall I go for fun or whether shall I just keep my pussy wet from the desire.

Here it comes, the issue of my life.

There are many guys whom I slept with and I regret that because I didn´t feel the right afterwards. I like guys who show effort and care and at the same time I like guys who treat woman right. Its the feminine that is divine, not the masculine.

Sometimes I wonder what would the world be like if the world leaders were mostly female? Feminine means maternal, feminine is the opposite of testosterone which very often leads to problem situations. Would there be so much war in the world if women were i equally n charge just like men?

I ponder and I ponder.

And I ponder, what makes the modern man to be the way he is. Is it the porn? Is it the hormones? is it the mainstream media which promotes sexuality in music videos or is something else?

I am equalist, not feminist, and to me everybody is equal regardless their colour, state, gender or age.

Referring back to the subject, if you sleep with too many boys, especially wrong ones, you gonna get bad reputation and nobody likes that. But maybe if you are in an open relationship based on nothing but connection and friendship you could just be two individuals enjoying life. Personally I know one amazing couple and honestly they always have so much fun and they always tell me amazing stories. I wish to be as open as they are, as their love and understanding is just beautiful (while they are both  always horny devils).

Honestly I really wish to have an open minded cool boyfriend that would let us have fun with everybody, boys and girls. I really wish a person like that appears in my life soon because I´ve been single for a long time now and I really want some adventures in my life. I am really ready for it.

Also what I recently realised is that a lot of men that I know are bisexual but they are seriously hiding it. I really wish we lived in the world where bisexual would be normal thing, just like in Brazil for example where everybody is just so open. There is nothing wrong with liking the person of the same sex.




  1. In the divine there are no dualities, so also feminine and masculine are transcended. When you choose to have sex only to satisfy your desires that is a choice made in the heat of the moment and often turns out to be bad judgment from ones own side. Men seem to have less problem with that, but that is also a false myth, their soul is also affected over time and it becomes more difficult to have an experience and realisation of divinity in ones life through sexual intercourse, that is not gender specific, woman are more sensitive but the repercussions are equal. When you want easy sexual gratification better to keep it to kissing and oral sex and having orgasms together through masturbation, then you don’t go into the flesh with intercourse that is where you can make or break a holy bound, not only with your lover, but particularly within yourself.
    Enjoy love and sexuality but use your body wisely and treat it like a divine treasure, both genders..:) do come as often as possible, and charge your life with bliss!


    1. I agree that sexuality is probably much more fluid than most people let on, particularly in guys. I think it would be a much better world if people were less judgemental about sexuality and sex. By the way feminism (perhaps counter-intuitively) is usually considered as achieving equality for women not supremacy. So I considered myself a feminist for example.

      P.S. I like your blog it’s a nice mix of music, art and opinion.


  2. I’m a 25 year old guy. Apparently I’m extremely good looking. And I confess, I’ve never had a problem getting very beautiful people to be interested in me (and frankly, only tonight I said no to an offer of it). But I’ll say this, largely from an ethical point of view. There are many things, so many things, that are more, important in life than sex. Sex, of course, has a time and place. But only a time and place. Learning, experiencing, feeling. These things are more.important. And gender irrespective, knowing someone is far more important than anything else. I wish women, as much as men, would realise this. I assure you, no gender is blind to vanity. That’s the human way. Sad.


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