Reaction to Satisfaction

Few days ago I started having a feeling of unsatisfaction and frustration that I couldn’t really understand. I was wondering why am I feeling like that and what could I do to change it.
First of all, every time I get this feeling, I become motivated to work harder with my things, second of all after every moment like that, there is a moment of standing up.

2 days in a row I had this heavy thoughts and vibrations on me that even subconsciously I started wearing black clothes.

The third day, when I woke up with the same sensation I thought to myself “Fuck this shit. I am done with feeling awkard. I choose a good mood for today”.

Then I started to ponder deeper about things I am greatful for “wtf Marcelina, you work at an amazing place and have the job you chosen, you are surrounded by nice people maybe it’s not you’re dream job yet but you do what you love while some other people do jobs they hate and get paid less for it . That’s right. You have where to sleep, you have what to eat, you have legs to run and eyes to see. Be greatful for it”

So with a prayer of gratefulness and imagination full of dreams I ask the universe for changes and went to the organic shop to buy vitamin d3 in a liquid form (best to aborb) which is other way the vitamin of the sun that is seriously needed in London.

With this attitude I gained  a lot  of fun and joy back. Not to mention I got some extra opportunities that arose to me literally within the next day. (Halleluyah, thank you the universe.)

Then I  also realised the reasons why  had I started feeling bad. Recently there were few weird things and disapprovals that I received  from people, and I believe that´s fair enough, sometimes we do that without thinking deeper about the other person. What I´ve learnt is not to take anything personally, because if we do so, the ego will hold us down.  Just let it go and let it flow.


anti masonic symbol


when kids treat art the fuck up seriously, kids get serious results
as the title says
This much food for 6pounds – Pakistani shops are the best!


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