The last popYOUup at Novikow wtih Acid Mondays

Last Saturday I went to the last popYOUup Blue Marlin event at Novikow to hear my friends Acid Mondays play,  and see a bunch of my other lovely friends.

Even though there was not so many people I really liked the vibe and there was a little crowd of proper dancers. In fact that´s all you need for a party. I really liked the performance of Acid Mondays and I was actually very surprised of their music selection, because listening the other day to their sets it was not I  had expected.

I said that to Alex, one of the Acid Mondays duo, and he told me ¨if you wanna play the music you like yourself you should better for yourself play at home. A good DJ knows how to adapt to the crowd and the place.¨ It´s so true. It´s about everybody´s fun, that´s how the nice kids do.

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset
Acid Mondays at Novikow


After Novikow I went to Fabric again. I honestly love that place and I absolutely love the vibe  over there, and the guys who work at Fabric are just so nice and friendly. Underground is the best.

Trashcan at the Fabric crib

Once there, together with Alex we did a Trashcan art #artthefuckup and funnily it appears in top posts #fabriclondon  hashatag on Instagram.

Paranoid London at Fabric


P.S. Just to spread little rumours, Blue Marlin is opening in London soon. oh yes.



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