Few words on the underground music scene that I would change (piss me off.)

Few days ago I had an opportunity to revalue my view points.

Within these last days I’ve been working a lot and I’ve been many days out networking and simply partying.

First of all,

Alcohol is the stupid shit. Just out of boredom, encouraged by my friends, after 2 years of not drinking I started to have a like a glass or two of a red wine.  Working in the party industry, so that means having a glass few days in a row, after 3 days, even though I was never drinking much, I started to feel so wasted that I thought to myself “fuck this shit”. I understood again why I quit drinking. I’d rather just smoke pot, it’s so much better. Maybe some people can stand alcohol, everybody is different, my body just hates it.

Same for the drugs. I do drugs occasionally when I really feel like this is the right moment to do so (then I simply go wild). Otherwise I don’t see any point.

I love my life and I feel comfortable with myself. There’s no need to do drugs, especially on regular basis. What many people don’t realise is that drugs cummulates in our system and they can actually make you go crazy if you are not conscious of it.

Back to the point to the things that annoy me… so in the industry there are some people who constantly drink and constantly do drugs and it’s is very possible that these people may give you some empty promises. Also booze makes them a bit more confident than they really are and sometimes they can get rude to you. I just let it go and understand not everybody is having such peaceful mind like myself and they need their booze to feel for a moment happy. I wish their issues come to an end soon.
Another thing that pisses me off and I think it’s so stupid is the pretentious attitude of some people in the industry. How egocentric one must be and how not united with the self, when they think they are better than somebody else? For me everybody is equal and I love everybody because together we are parts of one big consciousness and we are reflections of one another.

The most stupid thing ever is judging people through their achievements and their wallet.  To me it’s just ridiculous and so childish, I will never understand why people do that. Though this could apply generally to the human nation.

So the one day I was invited to the underground party  for the rich people in the west end. I see some people that I know, some pretend they don’t see me.

Some become ignorant to my attention.  Anyway I held no hard feelings and I thanked  in my mind for this kind of behaviour. It makes life so much easier in choosing your real friends or buddies to hang with.
It´s seriously funny to me, I can never understand people who show off or behave this pretensious way. It´s so stupid. Expensive watches, expensive bags, people you know, I don´t give a God damn thing. If I like somebody I like them for my attitude towards me, not for anything they have achieved or anything that they posses.

Last Saturday, I was invited to the properly underground part in East side of London called Zombie Sound System. I didn´t know anybody when I arrived but left with a bunch of newly made friends.

afterparty #artthefuckup
IMG_0765 (1)
afterparty #artthefuckup
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Now, that´s a warehouse!
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zombie sound system at Basing House

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Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset
Now, that´s a warehouse!
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Now, that´s a warehouse!
Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset
Now, that´s a warehouse!
Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset
Now, that´s a warehouse!
Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset
Shane Watcha @zombie sound system at Basing House

What I love about the proper underground venues is that everybody is just equal. There is no one better or worse and there is no pretensious people. I´ve been to thousands of parties and honestly places where I can just be myself, do whatever I want and surround myself by the same kind of people, are the places I am for.


But no wonder, we live in the world manipulated by the money where the mainstream media and the most famous artist expose material goods so we associate money with something good. While the money should be just a necessary commodity to survive.

Coming back to the things that piss me off…

It may be just my personal opinion, very often  it´s the music at the afterparties.  Sometimes there is a moment when I start to get really bored of house music and I really wish to listen to different genres. Also sometimes if a room is full of guys they  tend to completely take over the musical choice, and if they did coke before it is possible they likely gonna put some hard music that my ears are no keen on to in that moment.  Sometimes girls come up to me and say that the music is too hard, no wonder, when the pure testosterone, enchanced by the coke, playing out and it is something that is not understood by the feminine part.  Of course there is a moment sometimes when I enjoy this kind of music and I´d play it myself but it has to be the right mood and the right time.

For me, especially at the afterparty is the moment when everybody unites. When kids play is all about everybody and that´s the way should it be. I would be pleased if at some after somebody would ask : Girls, maybe you have any musical wishes?





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