Honest rhytm.

So many things to say

but so little freedom.

regent´s park


regent´s park



No words can describe my delight about how happy I feel in London. I am wandering around the streets, admiring how beautiful its surroundings are. I am sitting in the metro and I watch all of these internationalities melt into one big consciousness. It´s beautiful.

London is expensive yes, but if you know how to make decent living without spending much you can actually easily strive through. I realised that when I used to be broke I used to spend a lot of money on ready made food and tube. Now I am armed in a bicycle and I go only to the shops with decent prices. Like for example, instead of going to WHOLE FOODS which is fucking expensive, I go to the local Pakistani fruit shop where they actually do have organic fruits and organic products. Instead of paying 0,89 for one kaki fruit, I pay 1 for 3 of them. That means if I pay 2 pounds I have an amazing meal.

2 for the kakis, another 3 for organic oranges and 6 pounds for the ingredients of my salad. 11 a day for  purely alkaline,  rejuvenating and mostly organic day of food.

I´d rather eat less and buy myself another marker or another canvas to paint. That´s my choice.

#no filter
Salmontini ❤

Besides, I am  feeling really blessed to have a position of a resident DJ at Salmontini.

Salmontini is such a nice place, I absolutely love the vibe there. Everybody is nice. Salmontini is rather a posh, thus a lot of wealthy people come here to have a dinner. As well as many promoters come here with models so I am exposed to the people from the nightlife industry.  I am feeling flattered every time there is somebody that gives me a compliment about my set. I also got some tip once and got filmed for some tv series, so cool!  I am gonna appear in Broker Boys all 4 in the end of March 🙂

I am seriously grateful to be working there and spreading my vibe. It´s the best for this very moment!

Thank you Universe for the possibilities that the big city carries.











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