Skinny boys do me better.

as the title says

photo : random tumblrs, doodles : me

If I compare myself to myself from few years ago, I seem like a totally different person.

Same applies to my sexuality.

I used to be very wild, desperately sleeping with many guys. A night out would´t be bring me joy if I didn´t find a good fuck for a night.

I was lost and I had different reception of sexuality which was created by watching too much obscene mtv video clips and  simply too much porn.

At the same time I had a problem with testosterone levels, which could explain a lot. I had more than 8x more testosterone in my body than a woman of my age should have. Thanks God, after years of struggle I cured that with eating vegan and  eating mostly raw. My brain and body is now clean.

I like to stay clean, and I love my healthy routines.

When people have sex massive exchange of energy occurs. Literally we get inside onto one another´s aura.

So every person we have sex with has massive influence on one another. I like to have sex with people of a clean heart and  clean mind and definitely clean intentions.

I like guys who are into my brain, not into my ass. I like guys who are interested in my art.

I like building the desire and turn myself slowly on, rather than have everything given just like that.

I love kind gentleman.

I am a little bit like a guy, if a man fucks me just like that, I become quickly bored of him. I´d rather hang with shy boys who wait before making a step.


Recently I did few  things, in the moment of rush that I am totally not happy about.

I fucked up few walls, because I wanted to do quick art  while under stress and art does´t work that way.

Wall is not a piece of paper, you can´t just throw it away. I wish I had an opportunity to fix them and redo them again just to make it a proper art.

I am happy to be conscious about my mistakes and  happy to be armed in the experience of the failure.

bombshell model Ana Tanaka

IMG_0612IMG_0633IMG_0636 copyIMG_0654

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