Creative shit explosion.

The moment when my computer decides to crash down just exactly when I am experiencing probably a turning point in my career, makes me realise how fortunate I am.

 I am honestly grateful for everything I was recently offered and  I am delighted to be working on many things at the same time.   

 Even though some of my planned projects are temporarily postponed, I can still write, sing, paint and mix music.

A lot of people told me “you can’t do so many things. You need to focus at one, otherwise you’re not gonna be good at any” .  I never wanted to listen to them, because I believe we can have as many talents as we really want and the only limit is our head.  I am grateful for being born with no ego, because it helps me a lot in achieveing my dreams. I never listened to what people said, I always went my way. Every time I experienced a failure, I took it as a lesson because I don’t treat life seriously. I don’t need to be perfect to be perfect, it’s so normal to fail.


Practice makes us better. While working as a full time artist it is important to be responsible for yourself. I know a lot  of artist who have been broke for long time because they are lazy and they choose depression and booze since 1996. When trying to be successful you actually have to work hard. Just like people who work 9-5, a responsible artist invest their time and money in their dreams. My dream is to be known as undefined artist of many things. With the image of myself I am trying to create I wanna prove to people that you can do whatever you only want in your life if you only want. I wish to help people believe in themself, stay  positive and change the world for the better place by spreading conciousness and love. 


 I wish people were more sexually open, I wish people loved themselves, loved the planet and cared about our ecosystem and the animals. 

I was told that I am very vain by dreaming big and that I am a show off. I don’t feel vain as my intentions are really pure. I forgive everyone who thinks I am, because their opinion is based on their fear of doing what I do and living a free life while they’re stack in the reality created by the matrix. I wish everyone who has fear in life and doubts in themselves let it go and open their eyes to their real inner loving good self.

Nevetheless I am a show, not so off though. Show on, that’s a part of my personality, I love to entertain and I since I was a kid I always loved attention ✨🔥💥 . It is something that makes me human, imperfect,  something I could agree to be vain and something that make me – truly me. 

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