London weekend and Party update

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I had such an intense and busy time in London and I honestly loved it. I love the city and I loved every single second of it.


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Sneak camera peak of the photoshoot I did with James Courtnay


Captain P. at Salmontini

On Friday night I popped to  Salmontini and Killing kittens party in Boujis and Saturday night I went first to the Novikov for the #popyouup party organised by my friends. It was my actually first time in Novikov and I really liked it as I like venues where the undeground meets the posh.
…And then I went to fabric to hang out with my friends. To be very precise I went there for Seth Troxler, as he always gathers a group of really nice people that follow him and make the vibe and I knew it was gonna be fun as always.

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Fabric at 9 AM
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#artthefuckup doodles at fabric
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#artthefuckup titties doodle
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Fabric backstage

And that was to end my party weekend, which finished on Sunday at 14.




Every time I come to London I learn something new, even though I have been here thousand times already.  What I’ve learned this time is that many people who live there are not really grateful and don’t pay attention to London outstanding architecture, beauty and art venues because some people are really used to it that they stop paying attention, second of all  because they are not happy and they lead life “work/food/tv/sleep” and they have no time to do so.


Some that I know lead this kind of lifestyle and I really feel sorry for them. Especially those who work hard and earn enough just to spend it on their rent in some some medium quality place, food and few nights out.


Nevertheless if you´re grateful for being at any place, the place will offer you more than you´d think. There is something I´ve learned through my really close friend who despite being extremely wealthy always finds beauty in little things. Every time we meet up somewhere he´d be taking photos of some builiding, admiring them and having a real joy of being where he is. He really inspired me that way.


Amazing window exhibition at Selfridges in Oxford Street
amazing window exhibition at Selfridges in Oxford Street #2
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Street art in Shoreditch


For the contrast, there is another really good friend of mine who is super talented if speaking of the art. I am absolutely in love with the photos, drawings and videos that he makes. Super cool pop art modern shit that would sell extremely well if he’d try to invest time and energy in it. However my dear friend, let me call me Alex, since few years has been doing some shitty jobs and wasting his talent. When I saw him last time, he was already giving me signals that he isn’t really happy and he had plans of changing it until he got a new job at Louis Vuitton.

Dream job at Louis Vuitton.
Is it really a dream job? Selling some overpriced bags to some rich clients and indulging their ego for a standard middle class(low class) salary ? Louis Vuitton, just like other high brand designers pay shit to their employes (compared to what they earn) requiring them to do a service as in top restaurant where everything is super expensive and the waiters must do their best in order to get a good tip.

I also used to do this kind of jobs but it was always temporary for me, while with my mind I was always aiming high and trying to do something on the side just to catch it

But not everybody is a fighter. My friend has been stuck already for one year in this job that doesn’t use his creativity at all. Yet it would be fine as if he was doing something for his dreams.  When he gets home or have a free day, he watches movies, eats crips and chocolate,  smokes weed, drinks or goes out.  I haven’t seen him doing much creative things. He’s been like a robot locked in a wrong reality. He told me he wants to buy a new camera for making videos and movies, but he doesn’t even know which one and how much it costs which should be a priority for him.

Not to mention I gave him about 1,5 year ago my old canon with an extremely good  lense which apparently is not working ( I suppose it just needs some oiling) but he hasn’t managed to go and check it with at the service, this is how much he cares. I honestly regret giving him my old baby because I thought he’d make good use of it.  I have other creative friends who would already have created some cool stuff… Yet I still deeply hope he´s gonna change make feel that it was a good decision.

The reason why I decided to write about him now is because last week he got stabbed on the street by some psycho guy who was literally trying to kill him. Even though I felt extremely sorry for him and I bet it must have been horrible experience, I knew that it was him and his energy who attracted it, even though people don’t like to hear it that’s the way it is. People don’t like to hear that it was them who  subconsciously attracted the incident.

I don’t  get these funny stories anymore but I used to attract a lot of bad luck few years ago when I was very lost and  an ungrateful person. Thanks God I´ve met all these amazing people who inspired me and helped me change my life.

Coming back to Alex, when I saw him now he was in his worst state I’ve ever seen. He looked old, tired, lost and anxious. When I was trying to actually talk to him I kind of get as if I was talking to a ghost. First of all he didn’t have much to say. Second of all he was focused on watching Harry Potter and some other movies or checking out his phone. He seriously reminded me a robot, not a guy, full of nice and positive energy I’ve met through years ago. He went to sleep in his clothes, without brushing his teeth after eating chocolate and chips. I could see how much he doesn’t love himself doing all of these little bad things to his mind and body.

I felt really sorry for him and at the same time I felt as I should stay away unless he’s willing to change.  When I was with him, inspired in a wrong way I started to eat the same junk food as him, which is actually something that I don’t like. I don’t buy sweets and crips for myself because I don’t want to eat this shit but sometimes when I am surrounded by people who do so, or people of low vibe I become like them for a moment and  I resist the temptation.

I am a very disciplined person and I like to surround myself with people like me.  I believe that once in a while we can have some junk food just for fun and pleasure, yet problem appears when people start to eat over their emotional pain and feeling of unhappiness.

Alex, just like million others choose this life and it’s only their own fault because we always do have a choice and we can do literally whatever we dream about if we affirmate it, go for it and do steps it takes to get wherever we want to get. Alex will be stuck in this reality as long as he decides to. Nobody but himself can help him. I really hope that he’s gonna choose happiness soon and he’ll finally reach for his dreams.

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