Just Happiness.

I am just so happy that no words describe it. It feels so good to  do what you love and make money with it. This month I am Djing,   shooting as photographer, being shot as a model and getting paid for doing all these things. It´s so simply cool, and that is the way I want it to be. I am so grateful that I can do it, because this is what I exactly asked and been working for.

inspired by larry carlson


Yet, there are so many more things earn this cash with and it feels awesome to be busy trying to chase it. I have a lot of projects that I want to do and I am currently working on and I just love it.


recording a 3 min song, took us hours 🙂 Thanks Laura, Maya and Danielle for your help, patience and the energy ❤



I do honestly wish to everyone to experience the same thing and be a free person like me.  Freedom is something I am being grateful for everyday. Everyday I appreciate and say thank you for  how good it feels  to live with no boundaries and no restrictions and I feel sorry for those who are locked in the system and follow the choices that are not even theirs. Freedom is my choice.

art exhbition with talking wood

I am also extremely happy about eventually having really good relationship with my family, especially with my parents. In my not that far past, I used to be very naughty and very rebellious. I used to commit very stupid mistakes and didn´t give enough respect to those who really care about me.

Beksinski art exhbition with my mum and my brother form another mother Kamil

Finally after years  I managed to rebuild the connection  and trust between us and I can see that my parents finally started to appreciate me as an artist and they acknowledge what I express.

I feel blessed and once again, grateful.


pink hair



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