Is London totally owned by Illuminati?

Having spent 12 days in London Ive managed to spent about 500£ on just food and transportation. It’s like…. what the fuck?

In fact I eat organic, so whenever I had a choice I was choosing organic fruits and vegetables and that, obviously,is more expensive

but 500£?

It’s ridiculous because I didn’t really buy anything and I am not bringing any goods with me. I never got a taxi, was always using buses and metro.

England has became so expensive last years and I honestly see the Middle class disappearing, which is very sad. Now you’re either rich or you just work to pay your bills and food. I honestly condemn that, and I see things that are ridiculous like for example CCTV, which spies everyone and uses a lot of money to operate. I am asking where is the freedom in this country?



Another thing is how many obese people are up there and how controlled by the government this country is. First of all, I would like to point out packaging concept and meals ready to buy. If you go to the shop in Poland for example, or Spain or even Germany yes do have selection of already  made food but it’s not that vast. In England you can find literally anything premade, precut and preprepared for you to save your time. Thus people spend less own love energy on cooking ( so they have more time for the TV or  slave work), and pay for the already made meal done by somebody who is working in a shit food industry company, getting paid low wage and probably hating their job – that’s the kind of energy we consume while buying these kind of products,not to mention the harmful antioxidants they use to keep it fresh for longer.


Second of all 90% of fruits and vegetables sold in the big brand name supermarkets like tesco or sainsburys are sold only in the packages. Like for example you can’t buy grapes by kg, you have to buy them in the box or a plastic bag. Plus  fruits and veggies they are modertaely expensive while sweets and shit food is cheap.



Processed sugar is 8x more addictive than cocaine and the price of one chocolate bar can go as little as 0,20£. sugar and alkohol is something you can always buy at any time, anywhere. While if you’re hungry for some vitamins there is not many shops that sell fruit and veg overnight. Isn’t that sick?
The other day when I went to tesco, I wanted to buy one of these already made salads. As mentioned above, the selection is massive and it’s actually very appealing. Being excited about having a nice fresh salad I started to check what’s inside and to my no surprise in EVERY SINGLE SALAD there was processed sugar. I didn’t buy any salad. I bought two boxes of grapes :4£ for about two boxes of 500gram Italian grapes. (Which is about the price  per kg of organic grapes in Spain for example)

I am a conscious  person and my awareness is at at the high level so I don’t buy the  salad but a regular consumer will buy it and he will think ” mm this salad tastes really good”. And obviously it does, it’s like putting cocaine inside and feeling the subconscious effect of it. Just to mention I am completely pro adding sugar to the salads or meals  for the sake of better taste and I do that very often, but I use unprocessed,unrefined coconout sugar which is full of minerals, tastes really good and is low on GI index so it doesn’t raise your sugar levels ( doesn’t make you sugar high) which even people with diabetes can eat. Why they don’t use type of sugar in their products but they use stuff that is highly acidic and addictive?

(the answer is  fairly easy, because we let them to – if the whole world  decides to make conscious choices, even those who make money will need to adapt and change in order to continue making money, because the  customer who is the business maker.)

Another thing I’ve noticed, when I went to the WH smith which a popular newspaper shop is the link between the companies who make money on us. Basically I wanted to buy water so I grabbed one that seemed at the best price for its value. I took distilled spring water with extra electrolytes. I am just about to pay  for the water which costs 2£ while I see announcement on the screen that I if buy  “the daily telegraph” which costs 1,40£ I can have this bottle of water for free. Say what,I get the amazing and water for the price of 1,40? I am buying it!

So bought the things and I start to read an analyse. Basically most of the information in the magazine are pretty unusful. There’s a lot of stuff about people tragedy, murder and other stuff like that, there some stuff of the prince of Wales making jokes, and there’s another bullshit article about the vaccine for the cholesterol. Say what?!


Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
cholesterol vaccine

Vaccine for the cholesterol? Oh yes, that will make all of these fat people choose the easy way. If it works many of them gonna choose vaccine rather than healthy diet and first of poison themselves even more and second of all pay even more money for those who make them sick.


Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset
is your bottle of water sponsored by coca cola?

So the distributor of the water ive bought is actually coca-cola. Can you see link between everything I wrote above?

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