How I got caught by police when making some art and how the things went interesting.

If you´ve ever been to Ibiza,  you probably may know hotel El Destino which belongs to the Pacha family and it is situated in Jesus.



A perfect place to expose an issue about money, because El Destino is a place where Solomon and Luciano have their parties regularly during the summer.  Like everywhere else in the peak of the season, tables  there  have ridiculous prices, it is super packed and it is very common to see people  showing off theirs wealth and power  same as it is very common to see people interested in chasing  these others with  the money. I don´t  judge anyone nor I say it is good or bad, because that´s just the way it is and we must accept it.

So, I always thought that the wall before the last turn to the hotel from the main road was kind of empty and at the same time appealing to be used for the little #artthefuckup. lt is exposed to lots of people who pass by and that´s what I wanted.

It was the famous graffiti artist Alec who was a pioneer in messing up that wall and encouraged me to get a little naughty. ( personally I don´t know the guy).

Alec Art

Having 0 experience with the wall I went to the art shop and bought some professional markers and a spray in order to write ¨Isn´t it kind of funny that this island was supposed to be all about love, and it´s all about money?¨

At 2am of the night I went to the crime place and started to write what was on my mind. First of all I was very dissapointed because I didn´t take it into my consideration that the wall isn´t like the paper and it is pretty uneven so the letters didn´t come up as I planned in my head, but whatever, fuck it… I´ve already started, the wall is already messed up so I gotta finish this. The perfection is in the imperfection.

So I am by the second line, I already wrote ¨isn´t kind of funny that this island was suppose to be all about¨, and I am just writing ¨love¨ when I suddenly feel lights one me. I look on my right, and I see POLICE.

God damn, not again!

The policeman looked quite surprised and I they gave me the look saying ¨were you really so bored that you had to do this?¨. All in all, they were really nice and relaxed ( like everybody in Ibiza, except for the police looking for drugs) so they just took my details, took  all my markers and tools, for which I paid my literally last 40 euros and eventually drove me home.

They said I am getting a warning but the owner of the wall may ask me to pay the damage. I assume that the wall belongs to the Pacha family, so if there´s anybody from out there who is reading this post please let them know I am willing to do some  nice art for them for free if they´re interested.

After police took away my markers I thought to myself ¨Motherfuckers, my last 40 euros markers¨ and promptly, I had an idea of finishing what I started it with the only spray that was left home.

Nevertheless after a deeper thought I decided to leave it this way to give it more story and more left to think. All in all, in Ibiza money is dominant but it is not all about money and there are some awesome aspects on the top of that so maybe it was supposed to be that way and that´s why the police caught me. Thus, I decided to finish my thing via computer and expose the results online.


What´s more surprising to me is that my friends send me proofs where some random people that I´ve never met took the photo of the thing and posted it online!

It has been a second person now and It is so flattering to see  that I got what I wanted – an attention from people. Apparently somebody set my ¨funny wall things their background photo on facebook – wish I had a photo of it so I could post it here ( hopefully I can get an update soon).


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