London touchdown. Morning Gloryville @Mode photo review.

It´s been almost since I was in London last time.


London for me is like a love-hate relationship. There are things I love London for like its possibilities, vibe and architecture and there are its issues, like its business or low frequency city vibration that I am always trying to escape from when I am staying here for too long.

Nevertheless this time I am staying in a place that is kind of far from the way and it is situated next to the river and an amazing park. The air is fresher and it´s pretty quiet so I do quite enjoy it this time.

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Morning Gloryville @Mode club in Notting Hilll.

Morning Gloryville @Mode club in Notting Hilll.

I am extremely grateful to have been invited to a Morning Gloryville party. With a hand on my heart I honestly I didn´t expect it leave full with tears of happiness.

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Morning Gloryville is a hippie day rave organised by mindful and heartwarming people and it was hosted at the Mode club in Notting Hill. The party started at 9 AM and continued till 13. The dancefloor was pretty packed even from the beginning. The  party was alcohol  free and everybody was dancing their ass off…SOBER. To me it was awesome, because it has been more than two years since I categorically quit drinking booze and I felt like finally I am around people who think the same.

The party was filled with adults  and more than a few kids

Check a video here and follow me on Instagram  🙂

Having kids around is always a real pleasure. I absolutely adore children. First of all they are just fun, second of all they have this pure and light energy that I  like to absorb and amplify.

The music was fine, yet slightly commercial. I am ok with the commercial sound as long as it isn’t cheesy and in this case it wasn´t.  What made this party unique was the vibe and the vibrant response of the dancing crowd to the played tunes. The dance floor was pretty alive and I really loved it.

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Morning Gloryville @Mode club in Notting Hilll.

In places like that, where everybody is so friendly, it is super easy to make friends and meet new people. You just feel comfortable because you feel the love.

Besides raw vegan cakes, smoothies and  home made chocolate there was a place where one could do quick yoga session and have a message.

I stayed till the end of the party and to my surprise there was a special gathering in a circle of all the party monsters and organisers. We´ve been asked to first hold our hands, close our eyes, great and expand eventually expand our awareness. Then everybody had to hug one another and sincerely it was a first time when I had a play like that. I cannot explain why but I  just felt so free loved that my eyes started to tear.

Yet, the biggest boom arose when everybody was sitting on the floor and suddenly the crowd started to chant the ¨Om¨sound. Damn, I started to cry so much that I had to force myself to control it. It was magic.

All in all, Morning Gloryville is a great event, definitely worth coming and recommendation! 🙂

Thank you so much everyone and you Phil for getting me involved! ❤


Kinga (Cruella Demon)
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yoga slam
Circle of Trust

P.S. When was the last time you experienced something for the first time?

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