Seth Troxler Birthday Bash Year Number 2

It has been the second time when I had a pleasure of hanging out at Seth´s birthday which took place at the Pikes hotel. As usual it was simply awesome.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

The theme of the party was the Ancient Roman empire, what unfortunately I didn´t know until I arrived. Everybody came dressed up in their white ropes while me and my girlfriend Ayane came up dressed up as cats : me as  a tiger leopard and Ayane as a panther.

Kitty Cats

Andy, the DC10 legend
Andy, the DC10 legend

Just like last year,  while during the whole Ibiza season I did not do any drugs, I decided to go pretty wild at this event because of place and the people that made me feel super comfortable. Yet, that is to say, this time I managed to stay in control of myself  and I did not try kiss nor follow  anybody, like I did last year ( 🙂 ) .

Seth Troxler is a proper entertainer and a proper attention seeker and that is why we like him. What´s even more cool is  the variety of buddies that he has around him, people of all ages,  all origins and  different social status. Everybody was equal to another, playing and jumping around like kids. I thought that was pretty cool.

Besides, there were many places around where one could please themself, like the massively big inflated castle for jumping, a tattoo place where one could make a tattoo that says ¨fuck it¨, and some funny dressed up guys that were walking around and  giving out some candies for free.

I really regret not taking my camera with me, I would really love to have Seth  and his friends #artthefuckedup in the reflection of my lense. However, I am pretty confident there will be more occasions like that, so I do not hold any hard feelings.

Processed with VSCOcam with h2 preset

Dj Lisa
Dj Lisa

Kitty cats with the Candy Guys
Kitty cats with the Candy Guys
Ball pool
Ball pool

Thank you Seth for your kindness and cool vibe.

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