Gratefulness and simplicity.

No sentence can express my delight.

Honestly, I have been so super happy these last recent days  that I wish to shout  it out to the entire world. I feel love, satisfaction, gratefulness and happiness.

Thanks to my amazing friend Mehdi, I was recently playing for a first time in an amazing villa in Roca Lisa in Ibiza, where the consumer of music was sublime and pretty selected.

Thus it was greatly flattering for me, first of all to have an opportunity to play for such people and second of all to receive so many compliments after. I would never expect to get such an applause and all felt magic to me. Everybody was so nice and the view was so beautiful, that I can easily rank that party as one of the top parties of my season.

The reason why I am so lucky and these divine things come to me is because I am very positive about myself, I love myself and I deeply believe in myself. Even if  some people would say that I have a talent it is only because I choose to have it,  and I strongly manifest it, anybody can do that. Anybody can have a talent it is just the matter of belief and practice, I always strongly encourage people to do art and express themselves the way they like.


Together with a success, comes the jealousy and frustration of those less confident ones. I have already heard many bad things some people have been talking about me. Some people say that I am crazy because I do things that are above normal, some other say I am a prostitute, just because thanks to my gratefulness I receive a lot of things for free in life and some others say I am a whore, just because I am a free, fully sexually aware,  open minded person… there is always something that bothers those people who are less fortunate and sad in life. I, once again forgive them and feel sorry for them, wishing them to find their real way to happiness and finding their real self like I do.

That´s all I can say.

Meanwhile check out the latest photos below :

Roca Lisa house party. Thank you so much for such cool vibe!
Tigress and Antje
Roca Lisa view
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Sexy bodysuit by Bianca Rotini. Thank you Bianca for making me look sexy! ❤
IMG_7053 2
Awesome Drum Machine ^^Thank you Pioneer for this device and thank you Dan for borrowing it to me!
Self me and self me.

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset
party on ❤
A night with hash and weed in gazebo cave
No luxury villa can be better than this. Welcome to the tippie, this is where I live smile emoticon heart emoticon I am feeling extremely grateful to stay in this simply cool place. #ibiza2015 #casagazebo

IMG_7071 IMG_7109

Gazebo fridge

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