-It´s only for the image.

Last year in N.Y.C. I went for an interview to work as image for the opening of  a new restaurant in Manhattan. I was already in the group of  pre-chosen girls, who  had applied for the job via email. I remember I was just going out  that night and I had a pink wig and my flashy attire on.


It happens to all of us to make mistakes. Even though the job, was just a silly image job I should have dressed up accordingly.  I assume with the type of outfit I worn that night I would definitely impress some people, but not the woman who was interviewing me.

Damn, the look of this woman on me, in the first second  when I entered the place was simply evil. Small, maybe about 150cm tall,  around 50 years woman with her face paralysed by botox greeted me with   big fake lips and a very forced smile. I already knew she didn´t like me.

No wonder why, I came to a posh place dressed up like looking ready for an edgy photoshoot. Silly me. Why did I decide to go for an interview dressed up like that?

It´s not  like I was new to this and didn´t have any experience. It´s rather the opposite, I´ve worked as image thousand times before and I know what kind of look is there to have. Simply thoughtless.

I realised my mistake and my faux pa and took this as a lesson. Nevertheless, having my head high in the clouds, it happened  that I actually forgot  what I´ve learned and made similar mistake  once again.


The other day I was supposed to work as model at the fashion show. Somehow when I arrive it happens that there is no outfit for me, and there is another model  that arrived so I am not needed there anymore.

I thought to myself ¨What the fuck?!¨

Nobody told me anything and I just have wasted my very precious time and energy. It was uncool and unfair, but there for sure there was reason behind it.

I am slightly smaller than other models, yes, but that wasn´t an issue at  the beginning. I was told to come for the fitting and after the fitting told to come to the fashion show. What went wrong?

There are few things I can assume. First of all, I arrived for the fitting, make up free,  slightly sweaty and  wearing my casual clothes and shoes, just because I was just cycling around. I cycle everywhere actually, because  I mind our mother nature and I know that cycling burns fat not fuel.

Other models who I seen at the fitting were looking simply nice with girly dresses and  light make up on. It´s not like they spend time to prepare but they put some little effort, while I did not at all. WRONG

Same for the fashion show, I put light clothes on, because first of all I wanted to be on time and second, I was asked to put my own make up. I didn´t want to be hot and sweaty when I arrive so I went for comfortable choices. WRONG choice, again.

I was the first model who arrived and had to wait more than 2hrs for the first show. Perhaps if I spent more focus in front of mirror and less on trying to be on time I would be much better off.

People who arrived for the show, including the owner of boutique that was organising the show were looking very elegant. Many women  were wearing high heels, while I arrived in my slightly broken ankle boots. WRONG.

These type of people are people, that will look at your shoes and clothes and judge you upon it.

I should have known that.


Yesterday, a girl who I just met for the first time, made me think. She works as dancer and image in Ibiza and  told me she never wears flat shoes. She said ¨it´s only for the image¨. Even if it´s  only for the beach she has sandals with at least a little platform just for the sake of looking taller.

Even though I think it´s is a little bit empty, I am gonna start doing the same thing for the sake of image. In my consideration people who pay so much attention to fashion and clothes are people who are looking for acceptance and approval via their look.

I believe that cool people don´t need cool clothes, nor good shoes, just because they are simply cool by themselves.

Hard image work
Fashion Sunset @El Destino

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