POP YOU UP in Blue Marlin.

POP you UP is the event that was a tribute to Keith Haring held in Blue Marlin. 


I am so extremely happy and grateful to my friend Elliot for getting me involved in it. First of all, I absolutely love Keith Haring. work and spirit. I think we would definitely be great friends if he was alive now.

artthefuckup-5033I´ve read some of his personal notes and biography I fell immediately in love with his attitude towards life, love and the universe.  He was focused on pointing out real matters, like helping children, sexually spread diseases, money and  the care for the planet earth. Not to mention his art is simply bananas.

A local talent from Ibiza,  artist Benjamin Joseph, has prepared canvases and materials with the face of Keith as a form of interactive exhibition where anybody could paint and doodle whatever they feel like.  My eyes were smiling when I saw people doodling and getting dirty from spray. There was even one kid who participated. It´s so nice to have children around, they bring this good and innocent energy wherever they hang. I wish there were more parties in Ibiza like that, where people would come up with kids and just like in Japan, party with respect so kids get good example and at the same time have fun.

Thank you everybody who came and doodled with us ❤

artthefuckup-5122 artthefuckup-5086 artthefuckup-5094 artthefuckup-5116 artthefuckup-5117 artthefuckup-5118 artthefuckup-5121

artthefuckup-5043 artthefuckup-5045
artthefuckup-5061 artthefuckup-5064 artthefuckup-5067 artthefuckup-5072 artthefuckup-5075 artthefuckup-5078 artthefuckup-5083 artthefuckup-5085 artthefuckup-5099 artthefuckup-5021 artthefuckup-5029 Benjamin barefeet trying to get petrolartthefuckup-5034 artthefuckup-5030 artthefuckup-5037 artthefuckup-5035 artthefuckup-5040 Brush Tool artthefuckup-5039 artthefuckup-5052 artthefuckup-5090 artthefuckup-5087 artthefuckup-5092 artthefuckup-5097 artthefuckup-5056 artthefuckup-5049 artthefuckup-5055 artthefuckup-5060 artthefuckup-5105

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