Chit Chit, Blah Blah and Cha Cha Cha. Things about IBIZA nightlife not many friends will tell you about: Music is the guru, power is the money, everybody is a Dj and it´s all about getting into the right circle of trust.

Welcome to the side of Ibiza that not many friends will tell you about.


A place where the party never stops is a place where there is a continuous  income of money. The more some people party the more some other people earn.


Everybody loves here to party so those who can´t afford to come here just to party, or those who are in the music and nightlife industry  are here to make money while party. This creates a lot competition,  a lot of… let me call it… music gangs, closed circles of friends . You must be seen around to be accepted by the ¨circles of trust¨, that basically mean that you need to come out, party and introduce your face to the venues.


The more you out the more people you meet, the more people you meet the more chit, chit, Blah Blah and cha cha cha you hear. A lot of people who work in a nightlife and a lot of people who party,  take a lot of drugs and that, even though they will never admit it, affects their brain and the frequency they vibrate at. Not to say that is true for all, because personally I know a lot of people who are  strong and wise in using drugs and use them for the right purpose and God Blesses drugs for these. Nevertheless, a lot of people in here overuse it, and use for example ketamine at daily basis just to lock themselves in the surreal dimension.


Having  had the grey matter killed by number of thousands cells now and then and experiencing emotional jumps of mood,I was recently told by my ex boyfriend, that in a period of my life when I used to take drugs it was difficult to communicate with me. And as I´ve mentioned not everyone is affected this way by drugs because we all have different genetics. However,  some people yes. Imagine now, some of those people work in nightlife  and they are being constantly high while working.

They  will promise you some stuff  that they don´t mean  to subconsciously find an approval from your side. Some of them are also a little bit lost and disorganised, and unfortunately that´s not the worst type of person  to work with. The worst comes with  people of high EGO, this type of people can actually make you feel bad. It happened that I had to apologise to myself for trying to be nice to somebody, just because my friendly and light energy was seen as an assault.


Another form of a person in Ibiza nobody will tell you about are those who follow the trends and are into yoga meditation, ayahuasca, veganism and speak about love just because it is  becoming popular ( which  anyway I am extremely happy about)  but when you ask them for help they are not there for you. ZONK!

 As I´ve mentioned it´s all about getting into the right circle. People who work as PRs for the biggest parties, work there because they´ve been here of ages or they are  friends of  these. An outsider is hardly ever let in. One need to have some good reference and somebody who will recommend them to other people.

I´ve been here my fourth season and thanks to many connections I´ve already have I was offered many opportunities. However, out of all promising things I was offered only rare few became real. I am a little bit disappointed and determined to make money  so I still hold hope and manifest to the universe real possibilities and real people who want to do real things.


Another thing about Ibiza party people is that they are all about music and party. That´s fine, we are in Ibiza. Yet some that I know, they are ONLY about it, condemning other beautiful aspects of life. Life is not all about music, life is about expression of soul, and music is an amazing form of it, yet not the only. In Ibiza, if somebody who´s a DJ is playing their music, you cannot just  ask them  to change it  or even worse just change it, if you don´t like it, you have to inform them about in a nice manner, otherwise it will be seen as an offence. Every single guy you meet here is a DJ or a music producer or has something to do with music and I personally think it´s good. The more people involved in industry, the more sublime the industry becomes.


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