God blessed Nina Kraviz. Quick Party update.


Nina Kraviz smashed it at the DC10.I believe it was her first time at the house and honestly this Russian beauty played bananas. Even though at some moments she played too dark for my taste, there were moments when I really enjoyed the dark beat of her and that´s what made it special.  Many DJs don´t like Nina because I believe they are simply jealous. She has amazing music  production, makes a lot of money per every gig and  beside she´s a hot chic so obviously part of career was contributed by her amazing beauty and God blesses her for that.  She´s an amazing performer and she´s really passionate about herself. It was a pleasure to watch her.

When I made it to the DJ booth, I could see some name DJs sneaking at her hands and checking out her moves. I found it engaging to observe.

I can tell I could feel really good energy from Nina, she was acting in a very nice, humble way.

I wish I could write more, because I have much more words on my mind to be expressed but there´s an afterparty going on and I have to dash



Ibiza 2015.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


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