Circo Loco Opening

We, the Ibiza people, have been waiting for this moment for the whole winter… the opening of  the Ibiza 2015 season.

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

It´s been many days since we saw each other. Personally I could´t wait till the day of reunion is gonna come. I couldn´t wait to simply be around.

Half of  the year some were gone travelling and some of us stayed stayed on the island.  Some have changed, some remained the same.

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Circo Loco at DC10 is one of the very few parties in Ibiza I regularly attend. Generally I don´t like going out to club in Ibiza because they are overcrowded with some random people that I don´t feel like getting connected to, but  I like DC10. The backstage area of DC10, which serves as an VIP, is a place where everyone I want to see go to.

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Opening and closing parties are always full of people. Unless one is fucked up, I doubt that one will enjoy dancing in a place that I could compare to a human tumble dryer. Walking around in DC10, passing by and being pushed by so many people with their energies and auras it´s like as if you enter a tumble dryer of people and have it tumbled around many times

Doing only weed, I´ve never made it to the dance floor, although the music was just bananas. I don´t dance unless I have lots of space to wiggle around. Dancing make me high but to be danced out I need my precious squares.  Anyway I was happy just to wander here and there and get to talk to party animals and music lovers.

There are some nice people over there that always welcome me from the very far and I always have something to talk about. It´s so cool to see them. However, there are also some people, who I have met before but they pretend they don´t see me or don´t know me even though we have met, I guess I am not considered cool enough or had some rumours spread on me. Some people are very pretentious, I never understand why. Nevertheless they are the part of this island, so I forgive them and unconditionally love them.

A lot of people here dress up for going out. There´s a lot creativity involved in choosing the right outfit, it´s actually a little bit like a religion… choosing the right outfit to get the most attention and be considered as cool. Simply good clothes won´t work here, you have to stick out more to be spotted.

Processed with VSCOcam with h5 preset

There are some people who you recognise, because they would wear the same thing they usually wear and they are some who change all the time.

There are some who are always fucked up and they are some who always talk to you the same ¨cha cha cha¨  party chat. I love all of them. Especially the ones that are always fucked up, I love to hang out with people who are high. I am super sensitive to human energies and aura´s and if I am around my junkie friends, I get high just feeling their vibe.

It´s always fun.

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