Life is Love. Love is universe. Ibiza welcome to.

allegromarzec-3611 copy
afterparty 10 A.M.

Ibiza welcome to.

Eventually after almost a year, I return to the land where my feet  and heart belong to. It feels so extremely good to be back in the island. In this time of the year the beaches are  still quite empty and there´s no tourist around.

Yet, to be honest I would´t even mind the tourists, I am just pleased and grateful to be here at any circumstances. I love Ibiza, and Ibiza loves me to.

I  already feel that this season is  totally different  for me that my last ones. This year I am coming here with a proper idea for myself, expressing myself as an artist.  This year I do what I love and I devote my precious time and energy only to the art, spreading awareness and love. I am honestly done with doing some stupid jobs and wasting time, I am 26 years old woman and I ought to take things seriously. I´d rather do art and live off it. Any form of art.

Brush Tool
hanging out with Ivan at Las Salinas

ibiza-3759 copy

I´ve recently heard  a professor of the University of Arts in Barcelona saying that to call oneself an artist one must craft few forms of art.  Pablo Picasso used to say that every child is born an artist and every child has many talents to be discovered. When we grow older, some of us abandon this creativity and become a very serious men. Even as adult we have these talents and I really wish we would spend more time into self expression and doing art  than spending their time on silly things and watching news on TV. Trust me you can do art, you have these talents too. If I  look at myself one year ago I wasn´t able to paint, nor I wasn´t able to play or do photography.  It is all a matter of discovering yourself, believing you can and practice. I wish you would do more art and I wish you would never stop believing. I wish you´d put a fucking fight for what you love.

Sergio´s garden

I am really beholden to be staying with one of the Ibizenko´s artist, Sergio Ferrero Di Muresanu. The story of his life is very interesting. Sergio who is 72 years old, is raising up on his own his lovely 10 years old son Renato. I feel super welcome at their sweet art house and happy to get inspired. It´s beautiful to observe the love between son and father that they have for one other.  Sergio has really cool style and is super fit for his age, but no wonder why he used to be world champion in Quadrathlon and he told me he used to run 100km per day! Beside he bit the Guiness record doing kite surf from Las Palmas in Spain to Barbados in 24 days. I love to meet people such impressive people.

sergio´s dog
Sergio´s workspace





with Renato and Sergio at a photography exhibition in Ibiza


Today a friend from my studies ask me to help out his friend who is coming alone to Ibiza for the very first time and needs some help and advices. I called her and she told me thats she was supposed to come with someone but this someone has resigned and now she´s left one with one way ticket. I told her not to worry and promised to help her out. She was very happy and grateful, she said ¨you don´t even know me but you’re helping me out¨ so I said to her ¨I would love it if somebody did the same thing for me and welcome to Ibiza, this is the place where everybody welcomes you¨



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