Ending up in the middle of nowhere with 3 euros in pocket and no mobile phone. Class.

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I am feeling so happy and grateful to the Creator to be in Spain. Spain is so awesome. It´s warm, friendly, full of art and music and it offers some of the best fruits in Europe. Couldn´t ask for more.
I´ve had really nice time in Barcelona with my friend Laura . It seemed  a pretty quiet, chilled visit until the last day.
The universe knows I love adventures, so it gave me a very unexpected end of my visit.
 In my last day in Barcelona around 11 PM I was supposed to meet up with my lovely friend Maya who studies there. Maya came to pick me up with her motorbike and we went down to the Passeig de Gracia, a little square in Barcelona where people gather to hang.
We talked for few hours realising it´s time to catch up the last metro. Maya gave me a lift to the nearest tube and luckily I made it to enter the very last train. It all seemed to be so awesome to me, that having no idea how, but perhaps being in another dimension in my mind, I missed my stop, by….  4 stops. Not 1 stop, nor 2 stops,  I missed 4 stops in the middle of nowhere. Halleluyah! Let the adventure begin.
It´s 2.30 A.M. I have 3 euros in my pocket and my phone just died. There is no buses, nor metro works and all services start around 5.30. I start walking up the street hoping to meet someone on my way or enter some bar where I could charge my phone but there´s literally nothing open and not even one soul on the street.
There is a car passing so I try to  stop it, but the driver is a lady in her 40ties with her husband, of course they would´t stop for me.
Indochinese tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) is only found in the Greater Mekong region of Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Indochinese tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) is only found in the Greater Mekong region of Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.
I decide to go into other direction… I keep on walking for 20 minutes with no luck, so I sit down on the pavement, pray to my angels to show me the way. I breath, I inhale and exhale for a long moment and then I decide to go back where I came from.
Unfortunately there was no one there so logically I though that I should stay in the place where the car was passing because there may be more cars coming that way.
I am wandering my way slowly and from the far I see two men standing on the corner !! So happy to someone here I shout to them in Spanish “Hey seniores, do you know how can I get to La Bonanova, I´ve missed my metro, please help me!”
It comes out that we are meeting on the corner for the very same purpose, they´ve missed their train to Barcelona.   I am so happy to meet them, I am not alone anymore.
 The  guys are more lucky than I am, they have two  working mobile phones and they have some money. I forgot their names, but I remember they told me that they  were Arabs. They were really nice and friendly and  not to forget mentioning,  a little drunk too.
 One of them was trying to call a few taxi companies but they asked for 180 euros for picking us up and bringing us down to the centre of the town.  The price sounds riddiculous but it was night and in fact, we were in the middle of nowhere. The area is called La Floresta it´s surrounded by forest and mountains.
The guys say they not gonna pay 180 euros so we try to find some company. I suggest them to look on internet in his phone  term ´taxi la floresta barcelona´. I ask one of them if I can be in charge of the phone because I am more sober than him so it will be faster for all of us.  He agrees.
So I look upon uncle google and I find few local companies which I promptly call. None of them picked up the phone and some numbers were not working.  Damn, what shall we do now.
The drunker guy says let´s walk to San Cugat, which is like a bigger place with a little town hall and he says it´s near here. He says we can take a bus from there. I take his phone I look on google and it says that there is no night bus from San Cugat, the first one is at 7 o´clock. He stubbornly says we should walk upon there and we will find a way.
I am tired, it´s 4 A.M already and I am supposed to follow a drunk dude who leads me even further than I am right now? Nope, not in my scenario.
So I sit down on the pavement again, the drunker guy starts talking on the phone and less drunk one sits down next to me. We sit for a moment in silence. I realise that this about 40 years old man has tears in his eyes and starts to cry.
I hug him and tell him not to worry, he tells me with a sad voice ¨I am really tired¨
 I tell him I am tired too and I cheer him up saying that we have the next metro in exactly 1,5h, the time is gonna past fast now.
Suddenly I see there is a car coming, I jump in the middle of the road to stop it and the guy opens the window. He start talking to my drunk friends but I hear him saying in Spanish ¨no it´s too far and too many of you, I can take only one¨. Once I heard it, I was like please take me, take me with you and I go around to enter the car.
The less drunk friend shouts “please don´t leave us alone, you can´t do that, you can´t leave us alone here”.
I tell them that I am really sorry but I have to think about myself this time, they are two and I only one, I have to go.
Tearing in my heart but having no choice, I am leaving my drunk friends behind and I am in the car of the new stranger. The new stranger is called Mark and  he says has is planning to go to an afterparty in Barcelona centre so he help me out once he go downtown. From the very first moment I see that Mark is very attracted to me, I would even say too much attracted. He asks me what I do in life so I tell him that I am an artist. He tells me then ¨Aw,I am artist too, I am a painter, I was just painting my friend room¨. I think that he must have painted some nice piece of art  however as we arrive to his friends place it comes out that he´s a builder who helped his friend to repaint the room 🙂
 When we were in the car Mark was trying to kiss me a few times. He was getting close to me in a really heavy way. The more he was hitting on me the less I wanted him.
Everytime he was trying to kiss me and I said a big NO, he was feeling sorry for his behaviour, yet after  5 minutes he  would forget and try to kiss me again. I didn´t feel scared, but I was slightly disappointed with his attitude. However, the whole situation was kind of funny.
 I told the dude, that´s not the right way to get the girl, I told him, treat me with kindness and respect and that´s the way you may gain my approval.
He tells me then ¨I am so sorry but please try to understand me, I am coming back from work and on the middle of road there is a pretty girl, model from Poland, stopping my car and asking me for a lift, I would´t be myself if I didn´t try to kiss her.¨ This explanation of things made me understand the guy, yet it didn´t change the fact  that I didn´t want him.
So once we arrive to the place of his friend, Javier, a very nice guy from Argentina, they tell me that they have to take showers, take some lines of coke and smoke some spliffs  before we leave because  it´s too early to go for an afterparty. So I am stuck again, but  happy and warm.  Staying at Javier´s home, surrounded by cats and his lovely garden is so much better than sitting in the middle of nowhere with 2 drunk guys.
Mark with Javier´s cats
Eventually I got home around 8 A.M but safe and sound.
Even though it was a little bit complicated  and just in the beginning I was a little bit scared, I really enjoyed that adventure. I love those moments when you have to rely only on your instincts and  accept what the universe brings you. I love to feel free and independent from money and mobile phone,  it opens up another you.

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