Ready for the Ibiza 2015.

allegromarzec-3450Hippie life of an artist, that does not look upon the future but lives in the now is the  kind  of life I choose to live. I love living in the presence and letting things progress at its own speed. It´s time to move again, and I am moving to the island which always welcomes me with open arms, the island that is called Ibiza, my second home,  home of my own choice.

Summer is the time when I am always there, and honestly, since I arrived to Ibiza for the first time 4 years ago, I would never think I would get so addicted to its energy and beauty that I would be coming back every season. In fact I had a completely different image of Ibiza before I had arrived, and it was based on photos of my english chav friends who would upload photos of them getting wasted in some clubs. I cannot deny this image is very true for some, there is a lot of chavs, not only  of an English origin.  Some come to Ibiza just to get fucked up in a crowdy place and experience the highness of their life, but this is not what I am  about. I am more about birds, trees, amazing fruits, the energy and the openness of people. Ibiza changed my life.

Since I came there for the first time, my whole life changed, and I guess anyone who is a regular, could say similar thing. If not Ibiza I wouldn´t be who I am right nowHonestly I can´t wait to step onto the land of constant happiness where the fruits are sweet and the air super fresh. I´ve been in cold climate for such a long time. This winter, unlike other years of working somewhere in the world, I spent a lot of time with my family, first in England and then in Poland.


In England I was living in a little city 1hr away from London called Fleet, apparently ranked as the happiest place in the United Kingdom.In deed it seemed much more peaceful than big city of  London. It was lovely to spend some time with them, I hadn´t seen my cousins for the whole 3 years. It was also lovely spend some time at my hometown Koronowo, where I was born. My dad owns a beautiful flat there and because he is always at his girlfriend´s thus I had the whole place for myself.

Even though I had the whole place for myself and I could invite people over, I did not do it because I didn´t have anyone to invite. All my real friends live abroad, and where I was born there is no I have contact with. It´s kind of sad, but that´s how the life goes. Hanging out at my dad´s made me realise how fortunate, lucky and grateful I am to have my own property. It is still not officially mine, but my dad says it´s gonna belong to me after he passes away. It´s the only positive aspect about being a single child.After your parents pass away, there is no share the possessions with. Nevertheless, If I could choose, I would have chosen to have siblings, I am always jealous about my friends having brothers and sisters. Family is so nice.

After my quiet times of pondering and doing art in a little Koronowo town, I moved for about 3 weeks to Warsaw. It was a very special time to me because I spending it with a guy I like. De facto I came to visit Warsaw just for three days but we had such a good vibe together that I decided to come back and stay there till Ibiza.




I have to admit, it felt super nice to hang out with him, because it was a long time I didn´t have a boyfriend and I actually really enjoy giving my love to someone. He´s a really cool   guy and  an open minded person so it was always fun. Besides being very caring, he is very generous, an aspect I really appreciate in man. I was supporting him every way I could and I was trying to be a proper house wife, while he was supporting me in his own beautiful way. The only part about him I didn´t like is that he likes to eat out a lot and is a proper sushi addict. 2 weeks of our time together, made me 3kg bigger, I sticked to my vegan diet, yet not so raw.  However, it was always my own conscious choice. I  cannot blame him for anything, the problem is within me. When I eat cooked food I eat like a proper nibbler and I cannot stop.  When I go to a restaurant, and we went to restaurant almost every day, I´d rather have something prepared for me rather than just a salad in which they usually put oil  and nuts, I can always make better salad myself so I´d rather choose something I am less able to make by my own. If it was just for the extra kilograms it would´t be such a case, but unfortunately when I eat cooked food, especially Thai, which I am addicted to, I tend to break out so much after that I really suffer afterwards. I proposed him to cook at home, and I would do that with a big love pleasure but he never gave me a proper approval.  Even though he would eat what I have prepared he would still call for a sushi delivery afterwards, so I thought what´s the point.  I couldn´t be in a long term relationship with a person like this, unless I fight off my weaknesses and stick properly to my diet. I let myself go, having him as my sweet excuse to make him happy and din out, just because I simply like it too. I cannot deny it.





Now I am in Barcelona, I´ve decided to make a little stop over before Ibiza and visit one of my best friends Laura. Laura de Lluna is the person who has taught me many things about art and inspired me so much about the art lifestyle. She would rather buy new quality markers and paints and invest in art rather than spend it on something that is temporary. I simply love her nice and positive vibe, same as I love her family. Her house is full of love and warm, I always feel super welcome while being at her place.






So happy to be here  🙂

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