Want to get laid? Give us some attitude.

1529944_10152138841528490_1505229625_oA real man, gentleman –  a pretty extinct yet still existing specie.

I’ve recently read a post  on men of a Polish blogger, apparently a very successful woman that runs a successful company.  She has been  complaining that there is no man that can impress her and that the real men are extinct.

I honestly don’t like reading articles like this, because usually they are written by the people who attract these kind of situations by complaining. However, I must agree on one thing,  yet in my own way : human nation have a serious hormonal problem. To be very precise, men become more female like due to abnormal amount of oestrogen’s in water we drink.  First of all we have oestrogen in tap water which are a result a hormonal residue from contraceptive pill and hormonal residue from farms which are a result of inorganic animal farming.  Buy buying organic meat (which as a fruitarian I don’t support but if you must, please choose organic) , you’re not only saving yourself from direct contact with toxins, but also you contribute to the planet earth and human being. Please check a fragment of an article I have stumbled across the other day (for a full article go onto http://www.scientiareview.org/pdfs/169.pdf)

Birth control pills control hormone levels in women. They prevent ovulation in the female body. The estrogen in birth control pills can also be used to relieve menstrual pain and control the menstrual cycle of a woman. Also, there is a chance that birth control can reduce the possibility of developing ovarian, uterine, and colorectal cancer in women. Estrogen supplements can also be used in other health ways. It can be used to treat delayed puberty and hot flashes and to speed up female hormone production (“Estrogen refers to a group of hormones,” 2010).

In a Women’s Health Initiative study in 2002, 27,347 women from the ages of fifty to 79 where given estrogenic therapies for health issues. However, this study found no conclusive benefits or ailments caused by the estrogen. The National Cancer Institute found a decrease of hormone-dependent cancers in women in 2003. A later study found that the cause of the decrease was because most women stopped taking estrogen after the results of a government study in 2002 that labeled hormones as cancer inducing medications. This study found that some cancers require an abundance of estrogen grow, so the added estrogen supplements provided the hormone levels necessary for cancers to grow and develop. Overall, hormones treatments for women are effective, but have dangerous side effects (“Estrogen refers to a group of hormones,” 2010). A study by Shane Synder in 1996 showed that factory and farm runoffs are not the problem; the source of the chemicals is from pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and hormones that the people of the area flush down the toilet (“Prozac in the Water,” 2006).

Estrogen can then be transferred to large bodies of water through sewage. Water treatment removes sewage and trash, but it leaves estrogen and other chemicals in the water. Estrogen can also get into groundwater through. As estrogen gets into the water in rivers and lakes, it also attaches itself to sediments and soils. Those sediments are transferred through water from one water supply to another, and therefore so is the estrogen (Labadie, 2007)

Woman who take control pill are either 1) unconscious about its consequences   2) ignorant about its consequences and taking it the easy way. Some would say” but I must because a doctor said so”. Oh really? What for? PCOS syndrome? or some other funny disease? Whatever they have prescribed you this shit for, it is curable with raw food full of antioxidants and nutrients.


Same with buying inorganic, what’s the point if your non organic food is cheaper now if you’re gonna be paying what you paid less for the drugs your doctor will prescribe you? That’s all I can say about hormones.

Coming back to the male-female issue and the problem of the business blogger. I am quite not surprised that there is no guy who wishes to challenge dating her if she’s doing what the man is supposed to do. She’s running few companies, she’s busy and responsible for many things, she’s rich and successful, so what? I believe as a female she get a hold of her attitude. It’s good to stay independent and have a little or a bigger business, but turning into a  proper female version of a busy CEO is really not feminine, nor sexy to me.

As far as I am grateful to all of the feminist for brining up woman’s right for woman and changing the world for a better place, I am really against this independent busy woman concept, woman being totally equal to a man.  We will never be equal, we have different brains, different physics and different way of perceiving the world. It’s a pure fact of anatomy.

In the country where I was raised up men really take care good of woman. They always say that Slavic woman are beautiful: Russians, Polish, Czech, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovakian, Slovenian etc. It’s very true. In our countries men are generally generous and caring for the woman and perhaps this attitude contributed to our beauty, who knows.

Women love man who treat them well. Even if the guy is not super pretty and sexually apealling to a woman, with his kind and generous attitude he can get her heart (or ass). Women are about creating the nest and stability  while male are about procreation. If a man proofs that he would care accordingly about his partner, she would gladly give him a child as she is sure about his intentions and stability she receives.


With a hand on my heart, one of the reasons I decided to quit with one of my ex boyfriends I was in relationship for three years, was because he wasn’t generous enough. Even though I have a huge respect for him, I still love to hang out with him and I think besides this one little vice he is simply awesome,  I couldn’t handle this attitude, which I never really understood. His dad is a super generous person and he really takes care of his mum, I couldn’t understand why their son is different?  My ex is a very successful and rich guy. At the beginning of our relationship he marked it that is not gonna buy me anything, that I will always have to buy my own clothes and cosmetics. I always do that anyway, but for the guy to mark that out is really not cool, yet I was so much in love with him that I have ignored it. He also told me that he is paying for my dinner when go to a restaurant now, because I am a student but when I am gonna start getting a salary we will have to split. Damn, if I recall this situation now I am thinking what the hell did I had in my head that I agreed to everything. If a guy would tell me something like this now, I would leave him immediately. For me it’s not a problem to pay for myself, nor to pay for a guy when I feel like it – I’ve invited few man for dinner myself but it’s like what the fuck, you wanna fuck me, you gotta at least pay for my dinner.   And if you want me to be your girlfriend you gotta treat me nice, I am not a materialistic person, I never was, but I’ve always appreciated the kind gesture.

1617654_10152138841893490_1319341242_oOn the other extreme, a friend of mine, even though I knew he was super broke himself, he gave me 20 dollars for a taxi to the airport when I had none.   The other day having so little he wanted to take me to the shop and get me some piece of clothes, which I refused to accept because I didn’t need any at the moment and I knew what his situation was like. Nevertheless , that’s the kind of guy I like and this is the attitude I admire and follow myself. f I can help and someone happy by help a of a little bit of money, I will gladly spend it.


photos by : Ludovic Taillandier ❤

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