Fashion Trashion Shit.


Glasses : a gift from Lippie, Top: a gift from Kamil, Jacket : TKMaxx, Handbag :  personalized Primanni (ala Primark) with the tiger  separtely attached by myself and the red keyring is a black keyring from Loco Dice I’ve decided to paint completely red ^^, hat : gift from kamil, Skirt : American Apparel, Necklace : bioenergy pendant from Japan,  belt : primanni again

I’ve been spotted on the street by some fashion blogger. It feels so flattering when people ask me for a photo because it means they like my style. I never intend get dressed to be liked by others, yet people still like it and that’s cool. In fact that is not always the case, not in my hometown. Neither my family  necessarily likes the way I dress. To be very honest sometimes they feel ashamed of me.

I remember I was in my  grey “wear only at home dress” and my dad asked to do some grocery shopping with him. I changed my clothes for some colorful fancy stuff, and my dad sees me and says “You are changing this dress or you are not coming with me” I said  “I am not changing this dress, I like it”. So my dad went to do shopping alone.

Haha 🙂



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