The Inspired I Desire. It’s about Sex and Food again.

As my daily routine of gratefulness for being, I think about all my friends who inspired me in a good manner, and showed me a good side of myself I didn’t even know about. I was told today that we all have certain skills and abilities hidden in our nature, but we don’t know about them nor even think we could have them, unless someone who we trust and sympathy for, inspires us and show us that the things are actually possible.


I am so extremely grateful for all these blessed human beings who helped me achieve something I wouldn’t come out of myself. I would like to say thank you to my dearest friend Loa, for infecting me with her love for DJing and her patient attitude of achieving almost impossible,  I would like to say thank you to my friend Elinor for inspiring me with her natural beauty and classic elegant style I really admire, I would like to say thank you to my friend Ruby, for being such an amazing inspiration of a free of habits human being and health guru, thank you for my friend for showing me the way how to heal myself, I would like to say thank you to my friend Monika, who showed my that with a hard and honest one can grow higher than their roots, thank you to my friend Lippie, who inspired me with his proper hippie style, thank you to my friend Rawraw for inspiring me with  his nigga-gangster way of living, talking and super easy going attitude. Thank you to an amazing vast art artist Damien Vignaux who proved me that you can be like Leonardo Da Vici and do many forms of art at the same time and be brilliant at each one, Thank you Laura de Lluna for inspiring me with your art hand and helping me to understand that I can paint well, I would like to say thank you to my friend Alexia who showed me the works of Dolores Canon and assisted me my spiritual awakening and opened my eyes what life really is and who we really are,  thank you to my friend Kamil who inspired me to meditate everyday and to take care of myself everyday.




Thera are lots of people who I could mention here and I could write over and over, but those above are people who contributed to the most important to me things right now. I choose to eat fruterian, I choose to meditate, I choose to DJ, I choose to paint, I choose to do photography, I choose to be healthy, I choose to look good, I choose to be in a good mood, I choose to work hard to catch my dreams, I choose to expand my mind and consciousness. I choose healthy life. I choose love.

I am especially grateful to those who help me to overcome my food habits.  My food habits were the inhibitors of my bad moods, constant illnesses, and acne. The reasons why I am so disciplined about myself at the moment is because I used to suffer big eating disorders in the past.

I used to eat shit, and I used to not to stop eating and since I was born with a fast metabolism, I never really put on weight, but I’ve rotten myself from the inside step by step.  I am happy to all of those who told me off when I was about to have the “forbidden fruit” and for inspiring not to have it again I really appreciate it and I honestly prefer to hang out with this type of people than with people who like to indulge themselves with food. It’s really not sexy and for me every time I see people getting let me call it food high, I feel like as If they don’t have enough sex in their life that’s why they sneak on food. Maybe I am wrong but I pretty much link sexuality with what we eat. Honestly the guys I had sex with who eat healthy and keep their bodies with low body fat can keep me satisfied much longer than guys who do not. It’s simple physiology.

Fat people fuck less and that is a serious problem to me. Honestly, fat on men is ASEXUAL to me. It’s like a complete no-go. A-S-E-X-U-A-L. I could never be  in serious relationship wit h a guy who doesn’t have enough stamina to fuck me for a long  enough  just because he is simply less fit.  Sexuality really matters to me.

Imagine  as if of all of these fatties when they feel down instead of having another bar of chocolate, would have a banana or a blow job  or fresh pussy to shut their mouth with the right natural nutrients? World would be so much more beautiful


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