Wishing people well and being a good person. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


If you read my blog now and then, you must probably figured out that I am a pretty conscious person and  I live my life according to the law of attraction.The idea of deeply believing in something and attracting it with one my mind has became pretty much my way of living. With the passage of time and events anything I thought and ever wanted is turning into real as simple as that sounds.

I like to hold on positive attitude and I like to surround myself with happy intentions. My point of view has been affected by the interpretation of great minds like  Dr Masaru Emoto, Nicolas Tesla, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci or Aristotle. I am aware that everything has its own consciousness and everything  what we think matters. I am aware that, as a human nation, we are together like one organism, just like a bunch of cells who create a body. By wishing someone well, I wish myself well too, because they are a part of me and we are a reflection of one another.

Saying, that this is true, if we take things the other way around, by wishing someone bad or holding anger over someone we create a low frequency vibe that is affecting both the person and ourselves. There is one person who came out to be a proper energetic vampire. If I can be honest, I was aware the whole time that person was double faced, yet I didn’t give any attention to it because I liked them for who they were despite their faults.  I really didn’t give a damn.

Also, yesterday someone I trusted and I really liked has ruined the look I had of him. A guy, whom I used to see as supercool person acted just like the last sucker and I would have never expected him to have acted the way he did.

I went out with two friends of mine to a local place to be that night. It was fully packed and we were honestly not feeling the vibe to stay. My friend came up to a conclusion that in 15 min she is leaving place and if I want she can drive me back home just like she picked me up. Since I really fancied going to sleep and I was dependant on my driving friend, having a very little money on me I promptly agreed. I was supposed see other friend who were just about to come to the club, he normally  lives in Warsaw and I never get to see him, but in those circumstances I wrote him a message  saying that I am gonna leave because it’s too packed, I have no money and I am getting free transport home. The guy called me up, saying  he in a cab, he’s gonna be at the club in 15 min and if I stay we gonna find some other transport for me.

FINE. I wanted to see him, just because I always found him as fun companion and I thought if he said don’t worry about transport, I thought he would take care of this. So I am staying.

So he arrives, we get to have a nice friendly talk, we have a bottle of water at the bar,  and at some point he says he’s going to the cloakroom to leave his stuff because it was heavy to carry.  I said “fine I wait you here.”

So I am waiting, and there’s few people here and there talking to me meanwhile. I am still waiting, and waiting, the mutual friend of us comes up to me and asks  : “so where mr …?” I say “He went to the cloakroom, I am waiting here for him”. He responded then ” That’s nice of you that you’re waiting”. I thought then :  yeah, it’s pretty nice, especially he’s been away for a while. Bored of waiting, I am looking up my phone and I see he gave me a call and wrote a message that sounded more or less like that “Fuck, it’s so packed here, I am outside”

I go outside, but the fella is not there. I send a message ” where are you?”. Just like me he is an iPhone user, to I see that has read my iMessage. No response. I am going to a toilet, and I am trying to give him a call, but the fella doesn’t pick up.

OK. I am writing him a message that I am wanna go back home now and I need some money for the cab. He saw the message again and he doesn’t respond.

I figured out he has left without telling me anything. I really could not understand his position. I am such a positive person who wish people well, why did he act like the last sucker? I just had a friendly conversation with him and always used to get well along. Why did he leave me in such uncomfortable situation when  I am left with no transport back home? In fact I had some little cash on me and that was enough for the cab, but it was my last cash I had so far and I was supposed to buy food for the next days with this money. I didn’t have a budget for such a convenience as the taxi.

I got home, went to sleep and when I woke up I wrote him a message saying “It wasn’t nice of you what you did. I waited for you more than 20 min and I didn’t have money for the taxi back home. I am not angry or anything because I don’t hold negative emotions inside of me. I forgive you, but have in mind that karma doesn’t forget and this is why it is worthy to be nice to other people at all times. I wish you a happy day. M”

He didn’t even respond or tried to excuse himself.

Sad. I feel sorry for people like him. Yet, despite loosing a respect an trust for him, I still like him for the assets I liked him for. I really don’t have an EGO and I have unconditional love to everyone, even to my my enemies.  I believe this inclination keeps me so happy and vibrating at such high level of frequency.

I told to my friend Kamil about this situation and he commented it  : “You see Marcelina, me and you we both have good hearts and sometimes we are simply naive, taking everything what other people  for granted thinking it is true and they really mean it. Not everyone is honest and pure like us, having only good intentions on their mind”

Indochinese tiger, Thailand

I really wish that is changed. I really wish people wish other people well and stay true and real to one another. That’s my world and the world of my friends I am letting into my circle.  This  situation made me realise that I should promptly leave my hometown, been here for too long and go to live in a place where there’s only cool people around me.

btw. Hope you had awesome Easter time ❤



Pisanky I’ve made for Easter time. The only thing I like about catholicism is the customs 🙂


  1. Peoples play too much games in their heads. They cannot see unconditional love beacuse they look from mind – not from the heart. Peoples need someone like You, who is proove of unconditional love and heart opened pearson. Thanks for this post.


  2. Wspaniała kobieta. Fajnie byłoby Panią kiedyś zapłodnić 😉 … a przynajmniej zaprzyjaźnić się z Panią ❤



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