Shall one stay humble? Hey, how about a party with Tigress and the Animals?

Last Saturday I had an opportunity to revalue my ideas once again.


I realised that even if we are confident about certain skills of us, staying humble can gain us more than anything else.

When I read myself from a week ago, and I try to look at myself from somebody else´s shoes I think, if I didn´t know this person and just read what I have read I would think that this person is a bit of a braggart. I am grateful to be able to see this, it´s good to amend oneself accordingly.



I see humbleness as a big asset and I really appreciate humble people, who do not feel the need to mark their talent verbally out because they are conscious  about their value.

About a week ago I had been offered to DJ at a very nice place in Bydgoszcz called Towarzyska Cafe.  I was extremely joyful since when I passing by that place the other day I thought  that it seemed super cosy and  I would be happy to spread my vibe in it.  Universe has beed kind to me and made my little dream come true.





Together with the two guys I was playing with (Cricket and Erdmann) we agreed to  the theme of  the “Party animal” where each one who comes dressed up as an ANIMAL gets free entry.  It´s a  super  simple idea, yet I wasn´t sure if it was going to sell well in a city  like Bydgoszcz. We planned this event with an only one week advance and to my very big surprise it ended up to be a big success.

I really wanted to make the best impression ever thus I nicely planned a playlist of some of my fav tunes and same as I prepared an animal outfit I was to appear in. Willing to look my best, I wanted to have my stomach super  flat since my panther outfit was very, very tight. To make sure, I am flat here and there, I decided to have lots of green tea. Green tea contains natural caffeine and boosts up metabolism… BIG TIME.

So by the evening, after my last meal, I drank about 2l of that pure leafy substance.


literally SHIT.

why in the hell I had this  not very smart idea?

Dressed up in a Panther costume with a leather harness on, I had to run to the toilet almost every 30 minutes to defecate myself. It was not an easy task to take all my clothes and accessory on and off all the time. Not to mention that my heart started beating like crazy and I became really anxious. I tried to calm myself down by meditation and breathing but unfortunately it didn´t work out this time, the caffeine was deeply in my blood stream.

CHANCE – take at least one

Et Voila, I had  my stomach super flat, I received what I wanted.



Unfortunately I really wasn´t feeling my best inside plus a little stage fright started to appear  slowly and didn´t make it any better. My best friend Kamil, noticed that my vibe is different. I smoked a little bit of joint hoping it would help to calm me down, but that didn´t work either.  It only made me defocused.  I don´t like alcohol so I had to rely only on my pretty self.

I was the first one to start the  animal party and  to warm up the crowd. It made me feel extremely grateful to see that I filled the whole dancefloor with the dancing creatures, despite my mistakes. I honestly thought I didn´t deserve it because I didn´t give my 100% performance. From  my point of view  what I have preplanned to how I  played, I fucked it up a little. I was trying to keep the smiling face outside, hiding how I really felt, but honestly I was shivering haha 🙂

Nevertheless, I received lots of compliments and at the end I felt delighted. I believe the key of a good party, is the right selection of tracks and the vibe of the DJ.


After my set, I had so many people wanting to talk to me that it was just flattering. . There wasn´t a moment where I was left alone. I was talking to one person and I had two others touching my back to mean ¨hey I am behind you, please pay attention¨.  I cannot deny it I really liked that feeling.  I love attention.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I felt like a star, but I wasn´t the star.  There were some big talents up there. Aleksander Erdmann who played just after me,  he was the one.  Erdmann was doing a live performance.


While I am just mixing few tracks together, tracks that has already been done for me by others, shaking my ass to the beat and smiling, this guy creates everything just as he plays.

He came to the club with his awesome sound   devices looking like a little piano and just like Chopin he started playing some electro techno beat in tuned with the vibe of his audience. That is a real  a real talent and yet, Erdmann stays super humble and polite.  Wish I could have this  beautiful asset of his.


At the very end I would express that I am grateful to all the kids who know how to have fun  and who came up dressed up! Real kids know how to play 🙂

stay in tuned. namaste

P.S. Fucking green tea left me sleepless till 8 am next day.

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