Chasing a cat dream by the help of sexual mean.

Marcela_tigressIt is happening.

One of my dreams I have been affirmating about comes true now.

Over a year ago, one of my best friend, Loa, infected me with her love to underground  house music. I remember when we were together in Japan, even though I didn’t plan it, it happened that I used to date great Japanese DJs, Loa would ask me to take her for a date and she would ask my DJ friends to teach her  some tricks.

At that time of my life I wasn’t so much into music, I was into photography, so I would simply watch them play together and enjoy the sound of their mix.  I didn’t learn anything back then; nevertheless Loa has planted a seed in me and she was the person has I believe the biggest impact on me becoming a DJ.

I remember her devotion to vinyl, she wouldn’t take clothes back to Poland but she would have her whole hand luggage filled with heavy vinyls. It’s kind of funny and cute, she told me that at the airport when they required her to pay horrendous amount of money or leave the suitcase of her collection she bursted out with tears and made such a scene that they let her go free and bring all her precious music back home. I remember how much time she used to spend at Technique store to dig new beats. Basically every time she got a tip at work she would run to the store and get a pretty new disk. That’s a real VINYL LOVE DEVOTION.

Loa with her mobile vinyl player
Loa with her mobile vinyl player
Me and Loa at home of amazing DJ SO

After Japan   I first moved to Barcelona where I lived with another best friend of mine Laura Lluna, an amazing artist. Just to say, in Barcelona photography was still my goal. However one day, a friend of mine who’s a DJ (Luciano Nieto), came to see me for a tea. When subjects of conversation were gone, and unpleasant silence started taking over he said:

“Hey, maybe you wanna learn how to DJ with Traktor, I can teach you!”

I was like “Sure, I love learning new things!”

From that moment  I started slowly experimenting with music, yet I was still more into photography.

After an amazing 3 months in Barcelona, I moved to Berlin.  I was very fortunate, I didn’t even have to look for a place to stay. Almost upon my arrival I was offered a room €300all inclusive  in  the 200 square meters loft with a DJ booth. WOW. The loft was my home for next 3 months. Not to forget mentioning that, it was located  in the middle of Kreuzberg and I had literally 7 minutes walk to HARDWAX, a pretty known record store.

Me and Raha at my home in Berlin. Raha is a very interesting person. He is a Japanese DJ who travels around the world and just like me, writes a blog.
Me and Raha at my home in Berlin. Raha is a very interesting person. He is a Japanese DJ who travels around the world and just like me, writes a blog.

When I look at things from the prism of time, knowing that everything happens for a reason, I believe there was reason why I was given this room for this price, with that DJ booth in that awesome location. Thank you universe.

Honestly I had no idea how to spin vinyl nor how to use the mixer I was luckily equipped with. Nobody knew how. The guys I used to live with had no clue either (the booth has been there since last flatmate left it and moved out years ago) so I simply checked the model of the devices, downloaded and printed manuals and just like I’ve learnt photography, I started slowly getting how to DJ. In fact I had a friend of mine who popped in to explain quickly how to beat match,  which helped me a lot but the main knowledge I´ve gained by myself by simply practising.


I started collecting my own vinyl collection and after Berlin I moved back to the Ibiza for the whole season. In my beloved Casa Gazebo where I stay every year, the owner, my amazing friend Eric, just bought TWO CDJS 2000 (great music players for mixing) for the club we have in the basement so I could practice now and then. SIMPLY DOPE!

After Ibiza I moved to London where I bought my own mixer, headphones and started practising at home. I uploaded few sets, and received a very positive feedback about it, which kept me going.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

spreading vibe at the city centre
spreading vibe at the city centre

Recently I had an opportunity to DJ at the fashion event of my friends, after which I  got many compliments and the proposition I dreamt of… A  Polish DJ and producer I really respect for his creation, was impressed of my dj set and asked me to make a an album with him! Wooohooo!

I honestly cannot wait to create something with him!

With a hand on my heart, I started watching tutorials online how to make a track from the scratch in Ableton, a very popular program for making music, and even though it seemed to so easy when I was just watching, in practice it is not such an easy task. I thought to myself then, maybe if I am gonna drop some acid, I will be able to create something of my own, I have some basic knowledge.

Inspired by Steve Jobs, I thought if I he created apple supported by dropping LSD, I can create a bomb ass tune if I will be under of influence of this amazing substance.


So I dropped some acid, opened Ableton,   Eee-eee….. literally after 15 min I left my PC and started painting because I could´t produce anything serious. LOL

After this experience I realized how much time and talent it takes to produce a good track. I wish to show respect to all artists that produce amazing sounds liked by many.  BIG RESPECT.

Certain things come in time. I should first focus on learning how to mix properly and then the production will come by itself, I was  once told.

Anyway, I am going to consciously help myself in my DJ career with my sexuality. I would´t be myself if I didn´t. Statisctis don´t lie, if I upload a set with some sexy photo in a background I got a way more clicks than as if I didn´t. Of course, I am going to use this. To my happiness,  I always felt comfortable with my body and loved exposing it, even when I was a kid I would simply take all my clothes off and start running around. I remember when I was at kindergarten, once I took my trousers of together with pants  and all children started laughing at me. Haha. I never understood why people are so afraid of their naked body and their sexuality. We are pretty sexual creatures and indeed sex makes our spirit rise higher.

And yes, I want as many people to hear about me as possible. I want to spread good vibes and share my knowledge on life, unconditional love and real healthy living. I don´t know how but I really want to change the world for better and point out real matters. I really wish I to have switch mentality of some for the love mentality.


When the last party finished and people started following me because they wanted to come for an afterparty I honestly felt the power that the music gave me.  And at the same time I understood how the big DJs feel when their groupies start to follow them. I cannot deny, I liked that feeling.

So very soon,  I am going to appear at CKM, a polish equivalent of, let me say MAXIM magazine.  I have my beautiful own pictorial there, where in the interview I mentioned about my DJ career, the blog and adventures. I cannot wait to see it and really hope I am going to get some cool propositions after!  ^^


Poster of last party I played at


P.S don´t  forget to check out few photos of my beautiful friend Natalia Siwiec I took in Ibiza last summer.  I have a whole pictorial we are willing to publish and we are looking for magazine to publish it.





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