Making sex with solitude

Solitude, oh sweet solitude

 together we are fierce lovers

with an attitude.

When I am alone for too long

 and there is no soul around me

I feel it’s wrong.

Yet, surrounded for too long by many

I feel like I don’t wanna deal

with any.

After spending my last 5 days in a small apartment always full of people, I felt so blessed to come back home and stay alone with my thoughts and aspirations.  So blessed to stay away from everyone, even though all the people that surrounded me last days were super nice to hang out with. I thought to myself how blessed I am to have a beautiful apartment to enjoy my solitude whereas some poor people in this world live in terrible conditions and are literally cramped like sardines in a can. Can you imagine that some of us live, like for example illegal immigrants who seek better future,  about 20 in one small flat?

I am so lucky, grateful, feeling for the less fortunate ones and wishing all a better future.

I am feeling so inspired to write, play music and paint.

On one hand it was fun to be surrounded by many, on the other hand there were things that I honestly didn’t like. My last 5 days I spent with people who eat bad and smoke a lot. I really don’t like to be around this attitude. I don’t like to have bad food around, because it really tempts me and makes me want it. If I don’t see it I don’t crave it. I have friends who are raw vegan/fruitarian like me and they can easily resist this temptation, but it took them years to overcome the bad habits while I am still at the level of overcoming.

Honestly, I prefer to hang out with people who inspire me and make me consider good nutritious choices instead  of something that is not good for me. Same as I don’t wanna be in a group where everybody is smoking, first of all I am breathing in these toxins, second of all the whole flat was stinks of cigarettes. With a hand on my heart, I never buy cigarettes of my own, but sometimes I do smoke one once in a while just to keep someone a company. Similar situation I have with weed,  yet weed I really love unlike the cigarettes  but I don’t wanna smoke it everyday, because then I don’t enjoy it as much as I do when I smoke it once in a while.

Nevertheless I really enjoyed the little arthouse we created for these last few days, everybody had their own little duty and everybody was doing something.  My dream is to live in a big house with  a garden surrounded by artists, vegans, and people who experienced their spiritual awakening, where everybody would contribute a piece of themselves and one would inspired another, yet everybody had their own space to enjoy their solitude.



  1. Czytam Twojego bloga od dawna, ale pierwszy raz pisze koment, gdyz o ile zawsze czytalem Twoje wpisy jako ciekawe doswiadczenie spoleczne w zetknieciu sie z totalnie odmiennym stamen umyslu I poziomem interpretacji doswiadczen zyciowych, ktore tu prezentujesz, tak ten najnowszy wpis jest jakby wyjety mi z ust. Bardzo dobrze napisane 🙂


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