Angels in my hair, do they exist? I believe I know the answer.


Do they really exist?

Who are  Angels? And what are they here for?

I assume we all have stumbled across the term of an angel in various religions and mythologies. Angels   are  these guys in a funny white gown with a big massive wings attached to their spine who are known as supernatural beings  and intermediaries between Heaven and Earth.  Angels are our  widespread guardians who are here to protects us and carry  God’s task. 

I first knew about them from the Catholicism, the religion I was raised on. 

  However, I didn’t really believe in their existence until  I’ve met few people who helped me realize they are real.  Consequently, I started slowly noticing some mysterious events happening around, which in fact have always had been happening, yet previously I  simply did not pay any attentions to them.

Last summer in Ibiza, I’ve met this girl called Gigi, she used to stay in Casa Gazebo, my beloved villa where I always live in summers. Gigi asked me once to check out her room worried that she left  a straightener on while she was already out. I went to her room and immediately I’ve noticed lots of angel images scattered around. At that point I thought to myself she’s kind of religiously fanatic, even though I always had a good feeling about her.

As it happens in Ibiza, we always tend to end up at the same parties. There was one awesome event in the Cirque du Soleil villa ( those who don’t know and haven’t been, it’s a place full of art, spirituality and beautiful things) where as usual I’ve met all my friends including that girl. That day, I was pretty much under influence of acid and I remember when I started talking to her, I could see her amazing aura. She told me then”you are like me, I can see that, we have our angels around”, she told me that she speaks with her angels and they tell her things, they even predicted a big success of her ex boyfriend. I just remember saying her “my angels, my angels”. When I think about her, the first thing comes to my mind is the angels.

I listened to her and stayed open minded, even though I didn’t feel like I have had an encounter with them angels I believed her since I am aware that some people act as medium and they can see and feel more than other people do. 

The next person who made me conscious was an interesting woman I’ve met on the train from Brussels to London. I believe things happen for a reason, and I believe it was no coincidence we had seats next to one another. When I first saw her, I thought she looks very beautiful and sympathetic at the same time. She was looking around 40 years old. As we started to talk it came out that she is also Polish just like me and we have a lot subjects in common. We were talking all trip about spirituality, homeopathic way of living, ways of self healing and ways to reach the inner self. It was very interesting to talk to someone who is aged like my mum, but with the look, attitude and interests is just like me. Unfortunately, I don’t even remember her name,  so let me call her Iwona. I inspired Iwona in few cases and Iwona inspired me.

First thing she inspired me with, was her way of vegetarian mum cheating. She told me her mum is very old and she doesn’t understand her vegetarian way  of living. Iwona’s mum worries if Iwona doesn’t eat meat. Iwona told me  that to please her mum she pretends to be eating meat, yet when nobody sees she always gives it to the cat, who, as she said, seem to be pretty content about it. Mum is happy, Iwona is happy and  a cat is happy. 

I thought to myself, maybe I can do the same thing about my meals and other things? At least grandmothers will be happy too.  I know it’s not a nice thing to say, yet  with people who are old or old fashioned it is impossible to understand different concepts than the ones they were taught, and in order to have to good relationship with them, one must lie. I don’t like lieing or pretending however in some cases it is necessary. Fortunately my parents are open enough about my food habits and I don’t need to pretend to them about anything.

The second thing Iwona inspired me about was again them Angels. She told me she read this book that changed her life and since then she’s been in contact with her angels. She told me that angels really exist and they helped her many times. She said to get their help all we need to do is ask and talk to them. I listened carefully, I was even more convinced, yet not fully.

When we were chatting, she took a piece of paper and a pen and wrote me the name of that book. I put it somewhere in my bag and then I’ve simply forgotten about it. About 2 months later, suddenly I felt the need to explore the book yet I didn’t know where the piece of paper was. I was looking for it everywhere, yet I couldn’t find it. I went to bed and fell asleep.  And then a miracle happened. Guess what, the next day when I am waking up, the piece of paper is just laying on my bed! 

“Angels in my hair” by Lord Byrone.

Lord Byrone is na Irish writer and a medium as I believe who has the ability of seeing angels.  She claims that angels do not have a soul and they are here to help us. She says angels are bored on earth and the many of them are sitting unemployed because people don’t believe in them and don’t ask them for help. 

Angels got on my mind now, because they saved me from missing my flight today. Listen to this story.

Yesterday when I was booking my nationalrail bus ticket from Golders Green to Stansted airport, for some reason I didn’t receive the mobile ticket on my mobile.  I thought fine, I will call the customer service tomorrow and sort it out. The next day, commuting to the Golders Green bus stop, I am trying to call the nationalrail service but it’s 7 o clock and they are working from 8. Bollocks!

  I thought, well I still have ticket confirmation with the ticket number on my email, that should work if the driver is nice ( I am always positive about things). I am trying to check my email for the reference and guess what the email is GONE, it’s not in my inbox, nor even in trash. I thought to myself, now I am done, I have to get new ticket.

As it came out, the earlier bus ( than the one I had a ticket for) was still there. Yesterday I thought I wouldn’t make it, but the bus was late and I could get the earlier one. I’ve started journey 30 min before as I planned and guess what, on the way there is a huge massive TRAFFIC JAM. Because I started my journey 30 min earlier, traffic jam didn’t destroy my plans .I made it on time and I didn’t miss my flight… but if I would have taken the bus I planned to take, I wouldn’t be in Poland now.

I’ve lost 12£ for the price of new bus ticket but what is 12£ compared to  a missed plane, missed plans and destroyed day.

I believe it was my angels who did this naughty trick with the ticket, who else could have done that?

And if I think about my life,  there has been lots of situation like this. I am pretty sure you have had experienced something similar as well, angels are here, we need to be aware of them.

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