Could it be the karma, the reason why are you not getting laid?

Karma is the law of moral causation. It refers to the principle where intent and actions of an individual influence their future. In Asian religions it is widely believed that karma is directly linked with rebirth and the cycle of life. This means, that whatever happens to us now is a result of the karma of our current life, same as the result from our previous incarnation(s).

The body that we experience is a consequence of two factors : 1)our karma 2)our own personal choice. It was your spirit who have chosen your parents to become your parents,and it was your spirit who decided to become you. Well done, I am pretty sure you took  the best choice you could.


Every life is meant to bring us some lessons and in every life we are meant experience something different, that is gonna continue until we reach our destiny path in where, we as a soul enter the  nirvana state and we become Gods ourselves. How awesome it sounds!

Karma can be awesome, same as karma can really suck if one were naughty in their previous body. Karma can be expressed even by the assets that you have. A friend of mine who studies numerology had a sneak at my information and he found out that I am very artistically talented and spiritually open as a gift from my previous lives. It´s so nice to know this. However, making a little research on my own I found out on a website (with a hand on my heart I truly recommend to everyone, it´s so awesome, accurate, FREE and NO ADS, you would´t think it´s possible but hell yeah it is, THANK YOU people who create grupovenus for my amazing charts) that in my previous life I wasn´t very loving person and the relationship issues I may encounter in this life are an outcome from my previous body.

That seems very real to me since, sometimes I´ve been wondering why a girl like me is single? I see myself as a very valuable person and if I was a guy and met a girl like me I would definitely fall in love, because sincerely love I myself and I love every aspect of personality  I have and  the actions I take.

In fact here´s always men around me, I was lucky to be born with attractive genes yet there hasn´t been no one for me to truly fall for. Recently I´ve even stopped having a will for sex, and it´s not that I don´t feel the need for it – it´s quite the opposite actually, I feel like a pretty sexual creature, but I felt like a lot of guys I gave myself to, did not appreciate that and I feel like they did not truly deserved me. I don´t like saying that, yet this is how I feel.0282_d29b

I never had this attitude before, I used to be pretty wild and always followed my gut instinct, yet life taught me that should´t be the case.

Nature made man hunters, and hunters like difficult trophies. The more difficult the trophy, the more satisfying it is. A lot of guys I´ve slept with simply after I had sex with them would start treating me differently, not as nice as they had before, like as if they satisfied their senses and there was no reason to be so nice to me anymore. Dear guys who do that,( FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, sorry I am getting emotional) it´s really not the right way to treat girls. When you act this way, it makes us feel uncomfortable.

Thus, I´ve stopped sleeping with man for free. Give me something boy, it can be your love, your attention, your money, your time or simply a piece of you. I´d rather wait for someone who will truly appreciate my person rather than give myself to someone just because I fancy some sexual contact.

Recently I met this guy  through a friend of mine, a really nice DJ boy. He seemed super friendly and from the very first moment we caught good connection. He proposed help and advice if there´s something in DJing I wish to learn. I thought it´s kind of him.  When I was around his area, I texted him saying I am around. The next day around 9 AM, he texted me , saying he left the party people just because he felt like coming home and hanging out with me,yet what he really  meant was to  simply get laid.

I thought to myself “aww how thoughtful of you boy, do you really think I would make an effort commuting to your place only to satisfy your need?” I was all fresh, just woken up while he was still in the party mode, hand´t slept since his last gig. He told me to come and if he is asleep to wake him up. For real? Wake you up for what?

When I wanted to meet him, I simply wanted to hang out, do something creative, talk about passions, inspire one another. Behind the pretty face I have, there is sure a pretty mind. When I told him my intentions he wrote me an honest and super  long message about how attracted to me he is and hoping that I do not feel offended by his honesty. I said I wasn´t, and indeed I wasn´t.

I really appreciated it and I told him to go to sleep and let me know when he wakes up and fancy doing something real. He never texted me again. motherfucker. All I can do in this case is to simply forgive him and understand he is a human being just like me and just like me he wants to be happy and is wandering around to find his way of the happiness.

While texting me at 9 AM he was probably still high on coke, I feel sorry for men for feeling so desperate. I wish there was no girls who would go wild in a situation like that, that makes man think all girls are easy bitches. I wish man treated girls kinder.



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