Dancing freak. Dance with me to my beat.

Polar shifting of the earth. We are all under the direct influence of it. One cannot avoid it, it is simply a part of our life.

Recently many friends of mine have been reporting to me peculiar events of having extremely high energy levels, seeing numbers or quite the opposite having really low levels of energy and not willing to leave the house.

It´s all normal. Our DNA is constantly changing and adapting itself to the newest frequencies of our MOTHER EARTH.

The weather has been acting very funny these day too.

Almost everyday at my hometown in Poland I am being woken up by the choir of amazing early birds.

It´s still winter time according to our calendar, yet there´s so much sunshine outside every day and the birds  seem to show a pretty confident attitude towards the upcoming spring.I trust in birds and trees, nature knows always best.

Having a lot of free time in Bydgoszcz, I am waking up super early to have a morning river walk together with my morning rave.

Sometimes I wonder what all of those Polish people think of me when they see me in the morning dancing my ass off by the river. I am wearing headphones so the the passerby, I am dancing to  some imaginary beat they don´t hear.

For Polish people it´s not a common thing to see. Poland has this advantage or disadvantage that there are not many confident enough Poles that freely do whatever they want. I am one of the minority of them. I love myself the freak I am, and as little minding what would people think and say.

I really dance like freak on my morning rave. I can proudly say that my music makes me really high. I honestly enjoy  listening to my sets,  even though they are not perfect and they have a lot technical mistakes since they are more of form of fun for me than anything serious. It makes really happy and sets me for the day.

I mean, who can be a better dj to yourself than yourself picking the exact tracks one loves?

I´ve decided to upload the very first set I´ve ever recorded, I didn´t it find it good enough at the beginning but my friends have encouraged me to upload it online and now I actually start to like it 🙂


Enjoy 🙂





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