Browsing upon old memories.

When was the last time something has happened to you for the first time?

It´s a very interesting question to ask, revealing how much and yet how little do we have to experience in life.

Last time something happened to me for a first time, was about 2 weeks ago. Somebody stole my wallet in Berlin. Even though it brought me some inconveniences, I was not worried. First of all, I did not have much money there, fortunate enough something ( I guess it´s my angels ) told me to keep most of my money at home, and intriguing enough, before entering the metro, I swear on my sake, I had something telling me I should keep my wallet more hidden in my bag, because it was looking too tempting the way it was at that moment. Despite having that thought, I validated my ticket, ignore the message and entered the metro.

Second of all, I understood it´s my karma. I would call it an almost insant karma. The day before, with a hand o my heart I have to admit I stole two towels from the hotel´s spa because I really liked the symbols on them. I thought to myself then ¨they have loads these towels, I can keep them as souvenir. So that´s exactly what I did. I packed those towels in my black classy rucksack and simply left the spa.

The price of the towels was loosing my wallet, with some cash and documents in it. Was it really worthy? I had no reasons to do that, I could easily afford such towels. I did it just for fun and it got me back around.

Oh dear, naughty me.

Now I am stuck. Stuck in Poland,

Unfortunately I did not take any equipment to play, record nor make music, neither I took my camera or my drawing tablet to do some photoshop work. To even more coincidence, when my mum and her boyfriend are at her place and they are most of time there, I cannot focus to watch online tutorial and educate myself in music because the flat is small and very loud. What can I do, when I cannot do anything out of things I would normally do?

Randomly, started I browsing my gmail and I stumbled across so many photos from last summer I have never published. I really want to put those up 🙂

I would love to make few real projects in Ibiza this summer. And I really hope to make a beautiful short movie with the memories of one real Ibiza summer. ❤

Please check out photos with my beautiful friend from Sweden ❤ Emilia emilia1966i IMG_9611 IMG_9613 IMG_9618 IMG_9623 (1)

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