The crazy adventure of my crack junkies.


Travelling across the globe and living in a different countries has gathered me a lot friends of different backgrounds and origins. I am really lucky to be rich in amazing friends who lead very different lifestyles.

There is always something to learn from every person we meet on our way.

One of my best friends, who is like a brother to me, is a drug dealer and an addict. That proves how the soul connection and undconditional love is stronger than the prejudice.

First of all we do have completely different way of living our life. Sam, let us give him this name, when I told him that I have been on constant detox by being a fruitarian from the summer of 2014, he said “you do your detox Marcelina, that’s great for you. But you know what we are doing here Marcy? We are doing RETOX!”

The discrepancy between us is huge. Sam’s new year resolution of this year was to take more drugs, drink more alcohol and make more money while my New Years wishes were to change the world for better, spread unconditional love and go make more self-amendments.

Yet, I love him  for who he is and he will always be a special person to me. Sam is a lovely junkie, he is not only addicted to coke and crack, but  in addition he also has a drinking problem. Not only his habits kill him slowly, but as well as his food. Sam eats only crap.

He usually eats a lot prepacked food, cheese, meat, milk and sweets. I’ve known him now for about 4 years, and every year I see him he looks noticeably older and more miserable year by year. I am worried about him, but this is his lifestyle and I am not going to try to help me unless he asks for help.

However, honestly I cannot see him doing the other way. Sam is a very clever businessman  who loves make money. He loves to dress up and  look classy. Sam is addicted to Louis Vuitton bags, while I am hippie who would never buy anything that has a big label.

I’ve watched him work sometimes and have seen the marketing techniques he uses to please his clients. Sam deals only with big fishes, politicians and rich businessmen. What makes Sam very successful is his kind and generous attitude and, cannot deny it… the look. I don’t know if he realises that but it is scientifically proven that if show a lot of things in common with your customer he is more likely to trust you than trust a person that appears different to them. It is more likely that we trust someone who looks just like us. Sam in his expensive clothes and sophisticated attitude looks just like his wealthy clients. From the technical term it is called mimicking. Sam is a good dealer and he sells quality stuff. That’s the way Sam is and that’s how I love him.

Sam has a girlfriend. Her name is Cecilia.

When I first met this girl, we immediately caught the connection. She’s a beautiful model that has been to Vogue, Harpers bazaar and all this kind magazines and at the same time super cool and interesting girl who is spiritual, very pure and just like Sam… Very lost. After spending some time together with 2 of them, I realized how similar and addicted to each other these two are. Every time I would pop in they would be on their marathon of no sleeping for days, smoking some crack, drinking and pleasing their senses with the crap food. They match well together.

I am really happy Cecilia is together with my friend Sam, she brings feminin element to his life. Yet, a little problem appears when Cecilia cannot keep up with Sam in getting wasted. After long time of getting high, there is a moment when the big come down comes down. Cecilia is a sensitive woman and she is greatly affected by depression thoughts while staying off the drugs. Sam never goes down. He is always high.

He takes a line of coke for his breakfast and just before going to bed, that’s them my lovely junkie friends.

By the end of the Novemeber 2014, Sam and Cecillia have simply disappeared from their surroundings without letting anyone know. Sam’s friend delivered  to me keys to their apartment and mentioned that they had  to leave the country because they were some people who were looking for Sam.

I got pretty scared and worried.

I didn’t know anything apart from that until,  after about 2 months of time they got back and revealed me all their crazy stories.

Sam and Cecilia told me that some of the people Sam used to work with, came to rob his house and Sam paralysed one of them with an electric teaser in the act of defence. After this unfortunate event, together with some other naughty obstacles from life, my junkie friend couple decided to leave the country to do some detox and stay around the nature. Sam and Cecilia went around 6 different countries. Their first destination of their journey was Switzerland.

To their bad luck, and attraction of the wrong things, on the second day of hanging out in Zurich, Cecilia has lost both of their passports and 30000€ she had in her pocket. Welcome to the detox guys. This is just the beginning.

After this unfortunate incident. Sam and Cecilia, decided to become proper tourists, and to just wander around. They told me they had moments of ups and downs, first sleeping in the best 5 star hotels in Geneva and then to the contrary, the next days renting a room in some cheap tacky place because they couldn’t afford anything else. C’est la vie.

They said they had to sell their jewellery and  expensive watches to get some money for food.

When their all week budget finished they went do some illegal fruit picking from somebody’s farm and they would be living off fruits for weeks. It’s so amusing for me to imagine Sam who is usually with his Louis Vuitton bag and smart jacket on, stealing fruits from someone plantation. Haha xD

Sam and Cecilia wanted to do detox from so they decided to take a little much…only once 🙂 Only once partly due to the fact that they lacked the right contacts and products were not of the best quality, so they had no temptation of buying it.

No coke for Sam and Cecilia.. But hang on, they can still drink.

They can keep on drinking and make their life a drinking marathon. Why not.

So that is basically all what they basically did. They told me that  they  had a few moments where they were both so drunk that they were both falling over and trying to support one another from kissing the ground.

Yet this is not the end. Having so little money, not so much of a future in front of them,  experiencing the  % beverage overload they have missed their planes because they were refused to enter onboard due the the high level of intoxication.

I believe those guys have their guardian angels around them that always help them to get out of every situation because right now they’re back and despite all the obstacles, they keep on moving forward.

It was 24th December when Sam credit card refused to work when they were about to pay for their stay at the 5 star hotel. Sam used to be a good client with the hotel and it happened that luckily enough the receptionist knew Sam and said “don’t worry Mr. Xxx, you will pay next time” with a big smile smile on his face.

What a blessing! On the first day of being back home, they revealed a lot interesting details and shared a digression of how much this trip has changed them and gave them a big life lesson.

They said, in the nature, they detoxed their mind. In fact they seemed so a way more relaxed than before they left. I could really see that something was changed in them for better. Something was changed for better and some other thing has stayed in its usual mode.

Junk mode.

Talking passionately about the detox, the first thing Sam did after getting into his apartment, was calling the dealer.

I am like Sam, “but you said you’re on detox, what are you doing?” He tells me “For me this is just one line. it’s like nothing to me” so I say “This is not detox, you can keep on lying  to yourself but you cannot lie to me” 🙂

He responded ” I guess you are right marcelina” and then he promptly sniffed a line 🙂 🙂


While talking to Cecilia, she said that she doesn’t have a good contact with her dad and they are not talking much because he accuses her, and worries at the same time, of being a junkie.

She said in her family her mum used to have a drug problem as well and it is in family record.

I tell her then” I am not surprised your dad is worrying about. You are doing exactly what he is being afraid of and what wants to protect you from”.

I could see in her eyes that I have planted a seed of awareness. I don’t worry so much about my friend Sam, because has been having a lifestyle like this since I know him and he is  pretty experienced in it, while Cecilia is a young and very sensitive artistic soul who is slowly loosing herself, however I think she likes it.

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