Mercury retrograde, reflecting upon the meat.


If you have recently suffered from a misunderstanding, have had an argument with the beloved one, some cable  in your home broke, you missed your plane, or some of your messages sent were not delivered, KEEP CALM, it´s the mercury retrograde that is responsible for it.

Sometimes the planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion. We call this illusion RETROGRADE motion.

Mercury’s retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry. However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.When Mercury is retrograde, remain flexible,allow time for extra travel, and avoid signing contracts. Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions.

Mercury retrograde is the moment when our mind becomes filled with reflections of the past. Old friends, old habits and old memories wander across our brain neurones giving us moment to really think and realise what they really mean to us. Despite experiencing few negative moments, I am really enjoying this planetary movement.

First of all, even thought I didn´t plan my trip to Poland to fit within the retrograde time, it happens that I am spending it with my old friends and family and I am really having a lot of fun. I have missed my country and my family so much! I really love Poland and I think it is a really great country. It´s so peaceful here  and people are generally so goodhearted and warm, especially the young people who are the great future of my native country.

The only thing I don´t like about my country, are, not to judge everyone, the old people and it´s not exactly themselves, but it´s their  worn out mentality that is very deeply rooted and greatly distorted by the war, the communism and the media. Old people tend to watch a lot of television and the majority of their faulty viewpoints comes from there. That gives them a very distorted image of reality, a very manipulated image which causes negativity and prejudice.

I feel really sorry when I hear my dad talking about how muslims are bad and how horrible nations the Arabs are. I am sorry dad, but I have lots of muslim friends, they are amazing  and kind people and they tell me that what they show us in television is completely wrong.  They are REAL. However, I understand your concern and I understand that in every country there were some people raised up in the wrong matter and I feel terribly sorry this.

I believe the problem of  the old mentality is the problem around the globe and this is why I lay a great hope in the youth, because its is so much easier to fix their mind and lead them onto the LOVE path than people who believe they know better.

The world is rapidly changing. I don´t know how about you, but in the reality I experience I see only changes for better. I see how people become more and more spiritual and conscious and how positive are people are me.

If they´re not in your reality, first change your thoughts for good ones and then your subconscious mind will attract the good people.

We attract people like we are.

Apart from reflecting upon my mother country, I have been having moments on reflecting upon on old habits. Not so long time ago, I went to a private house party in New York. It was very chic and all the people were beautiful. There was some food being served and I was told that they had some little vegan appetisers. Having a little hunger and little curiosity I decided to try one. I tried it and it actually tasted Soooooooooo good, my body was kind of shaking. I  liked the flavour so much that I went to the chief and asked ¨can you please tell me what is it made of? It tastes so good!¨

The chief said ¨ it´s made of chicken and mango.


Oh dear, first of all, I ate a piece of animal which is the biggest sin you can have in the fruitarian and I didn´t even know about it because I simply forgot how does the meat taste, ….second of all, I cannot deny it, I really liked that taste.

When I met Ruby, my great inspiration and fruitarian friend, from one day to another I started juicing, detoxifying and continuing that for months I became super strict. I just realized that what I did to my body, was a pure shock and if I could I would apologise to myself for being so harsh on me. I didn’t want to transition, I wanted to go cold turkey, which was a mistake, and not a mistake because everything happens for a reason and that happened to teach me a lesson.

Ruby told me it took her really long time, to be where she is. I thought I can do the same in just one decision.  Unfortunately, the body doesn’t work like that. Our body is nothing else but a piece of cells that have consciousness at the cellular level. Imagine you give your body everyday certain thing.. and then one day you simply shut the source of it, the cells of consciousness will ask for it until they will adopt to a new state you are placing yourself in.

I am aware that meat is very low frequency type of food and it is the most difficult to digest, I am completely against the animal cruelty and the global warming that is caused in 60% by cattles ( ) . However, I canon deny I liked the taste of that chicken. I never liked any other type of meat, except for the fish and chicken.

The reason why I am fruitarian/raw vegan were 1)for my health – alkalising my body with fresh fruit&veg 2)for the planet earth and the poor animals traumatised and treated badly.

But why did I like this piece of chicken so much? was it the flavouring and connection with mango or was it the fact I had the old taste in my mouth… or was it because I am an animal too and there is some animal nature in me that likes to kills and eat other animal? It’s difficult  for me to say now.

Nothing has changed from that moment, I am still having mostly fruits in my diet, however once in a while I  let myself have a fish, I was partially relieved, once I have heard that fish don’t have nervous system, so they are not in pain when they die.  Two days ago, I have made a scramble egg for the first time since a year, I really enjoyed it I have to say, it has really filled me up. I cannot deny.

My goal is not to have any animal products in my diet at all. Nonetheless, I am still transitioning and my body is undergoing crazy changes. I am pretty sure that in the right period of time I will join my fruitarian/raw vegan friends and vibrate with them at the higher frequency. Even though the meat tasted good, and there IS an animal nature within us, it is  a very primitive instinct, we are spiritual beings in a human body, we are more than animals, and in order to stay naturally high, we need to provide ourselves with happy alive food that vibrates at the high frequency. amen.


Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 01.51.19

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