Never give up in your dreams.

If there is something you truly desire, and you really think it would make you more happy and no person would be ever anyhow harmed, even though it sounds illogical to other people including your family or friends,just do it!

Go for your dream, make them happen. It´s so easy if you let the things go and accept that everything is just a matter of time, events and experience. We can achieve anything we wish if our intentions are pure, literally. All you need to is ask yourself for a little help, think positive, and actually do things that will lead you to your destiny. As well as, don´t forget to ask your angels for help if you believe in them, if you don´t they won´t hear anyway 🙂

One of my dreams was always to be a playmate, a proper playboy bunny. I always found  the girls super sexy and  I  always wanted to be like of them.

I´ve shot a few tests for Playboy, and even though each photoshoot was magical and beautiful, there was always something they found as wrong.  Even though I was rejected a few times, I was not discouraged. I like to always get what I want and I believe that I have the power of making it happen. We all can and to truly experience that, we really need  to feel it.. as simple as that sounds.

Every time I was rejected, I was anyway happy, because I knew that these beautiful photos can be used in other way, so all is okey, there is no need to worry.

The 5th attempt. was today.

The photoshoot I had today was  simply awesome, we have shot a lot of amazing stuff. The very same, awesome amazing crew, who I used to work before made my day a way happier 🙂 Here are few snaps




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