Statistics don´t lie. We are all sex perverts


Please check out my newest DJ mix. above.

I have to  say I really like mixing, because  with every mix you make you create a new, extremely unique sound attached with special vibe and particular emotions. That  receives a direct response from an audience who from the physical point of view, simply absorb the sound. Pure awesome physics.

When I play I tend to play music that would keep me naturally high, without any form of external stimulation. Positive, energetic and  naturally sexy.


Statistics don´t lie. We are all  sex  perverts.

What I know form the statistics of my blog is that once I mention something anyhow  related with  the sexuality, the number of the viewers per day rapidly increases. Statistics don´t lie, human are very sexual beings and we are meant  rise our spirit higher making beautiful love.

If that is the case, I will gladly please my audience. I officially reveal to the universe that I am going to consciously use this fact as a marketing tool.  I really hope my family will understand my choice and the path I am choosing to follow. I believe with the power of having a financial comfort and stability I will be able to make my mum, dad and my grandparents proud of having me in their family. Money cannot buy us real love, but can buy us a comfort of good living. I want this comfort not for myself, but for my closest ones.  Money is easy to get, you just need the right way of harvesting it.

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